Perhaps with summer around the corner, you are likely going to spend your time having fun in the ambiance of your outdoor, playing or just relaxing at the backyard. You can also choose to host a handful of friends for an event. The fun shouldn’t stop just because the outdoor lighting is inefficient. But, not all outdoor lighting is perfect for your event. In fact, some outdoor lighting may be ineffective. Instead of utilizing such lighting, you should consider installing quality outdoor solar lights for your use. Here are additional facts about tips for using the product of outdoor solar lights.

  • Charge Prior To Use

You will experience some relief after buying your solar lights. In fact, you may even think that it’s possible to install them immediately. But, you should not make this move because your devices need to be recharged prior to installing. Consider allowing them to get some exposure to sunlight. This should last a few days and nights. It would add up to 5 cycles for your batteries to charge to full capacity. Thereafter, you will realize that the outdoor solar lights can last up to 10 hours in the dark.

  • Installation  
Outdoor Solar Lights

Depending on the outdoor solar light type you own, the installation process will be pretty different. Of course, also with solar light stakes, for instance, it is vital to ensure that they have been pressed into the soil or the surface. Other than that, solar security lights should be mounted on a wall in your property. You also need to ensure that every product you have purchased has a manual to guide you in installation.  Ensure that the lighting and its panel are also firmly secured. Remember not to compromise any step in the process of installation.

  • Choose the correct sensor 

In many instances, solar garden lights are usually automatically turned on as well as off using a light sensor. This device detects all lights in the surrounding. At night, the light levels will be below some value as per the memory sensor. Therefore, the light will be activated. At the same time, the light will be turned off when it’s dawn. For the sensor to work correctly, the sensor should appropriately be installed. With that said, when selecting a spot to mount your solar light, you need to consider placing it in a strategic location. This microwave motion sensor solar light should not use on a street. If installed near a source of light, then the solar sensor will definitely react to the light and artificial sources of light. But you can choose the solar street light with the PIR motion sensor,  which can save energy and backup at least 3 days.

Outdoor Solar Lights


In conclusion, remember that solar outdoor light panels should be clean and free of debris. This is because a dirty piece of panel won’t recharge and if it will, then very little sun ray light will get absorbed. It is also essential to operate clean solar lights since a dirty one can interfere with its operations. To maintain high performance, you also need to consider incorporating a maintenance schedule. That way, your solar will always be in an excellent position to function.  


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