Just like with every other product, adequate care and maintenance are required to ensure longevity. Whether you have a Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, or Indian hair, endeavor to tend to it regularly to avoid undue damages.

This article is carefully prepared to put you through the basic do’s and don’ts of hair maintenance. Read on and remain informed.

Wig Maintenance: The Dos and Don’ts

1. Use the right products

Always endeavor to buy the right products when you hit the market. If there are Special products for a specific hair, buy those. Don’t just get the first shampoo and conditioner you see in the market because those ones might contain harmful chemicals that could damage your hair.

Washing a wig isn’t the same as washing your natural hair, do not forget this. To wash your wig, first, soak it in warm water containing enough shampoo. Next, comb the shampoo out of the wig using the appropriate wig comb.

After you are done combing, rinse with another set of fresh warm water until all the shampoo and conditioner are out.

2. Seek the help of a professional

Although some wigs are low maintenance and do not demand expensive care and attention, they still require the touch of a professional from time to time.

Take it to a hair specialist to have it treated and styled when need be. Remember your human hair wig will not grow back if you cut off strands of hair from it. Also, your synthetic hair will melt if you apply too much heat. So, if you are not experienced enough to handle your hair, seek help.

3. Enclose your hair in a safe space

When not in use, put away your wig in a safe place. You can use a mannequin and if a mannequin is not available, you can always improvise.

Place the hair uprightly so as to avoid tangling and most importantly, cover it up to keep away dust and dirt.

4. Do not heat

The application of excessive heat is one way your hair can easily get damaged. Be careful the amount of heat you apply on your wig especially if it is synthetic hair.

Read instructions on the wig label to equip yourself with the right information. You can find out how much heat your wig can take.

5. Do not shower or sleep with it

The proper way to wash a wig with shampoo and conditioner has been discussed earlier so stick to that. Never get under the shower with your wig on. If you do, then you are slowly ruining your wig. When it is raining, carefully pull off your wig and wrap it up.

Before you sleep as well, endeavor to remove your wig. You don’t want to wake up to a messy wig full of knots that would be almost impossible to detangle.


The best thing you can do for your hair is taking care of it. Observe these basic maintenance tips discussed above and your hair will be just fine.

Remember wearing a wig is not enough reason to leave your natural hair all messy. Wash it when it gets dirty and always braid it neatly before wearing a wig.


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