There have been many opinions about vaping. Some feel it is safe for consumption while some feel it is not safe and should be avoided. You might have seen articles condemning electronic cigarettes and others stating the advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarettes. If you are thinking of changing from normal tobacco to e-cigarettes, it might be confusing because of so many opinions. This article would guide you on the decision you need to make. You would see the benefits and disadvantages of being so that you can make the right decision on whether this is for you or not.


  • Vaping is safer than smoking

Doctors and researchers have confirmed that is safer than smoking based on extensive research. Vaping does not involve any combustion or ash and it gives users a better health experience than smoking would. This leads to good oral health, good skin health, normal circulation of blood, perfect functioning of the lungs and a better sense of smell.

  • Vaping has no odor

One of the reasons people dislike smoking is because the enviro6ends up smelling of smoke. That is not the case with vaping, your environment would not smell of smoke. It might have a smell gotten from the flavors that were used but it’s not from the tobacco leaves. Some people barely notice the smell of vapor and some get compliments for the aroma of the flavor. You and your environment would not smell like tobacco leaves.

  • You can control your nicotine intake

With vaping, you get full control over your nicotine level. You get to choose how much nicotine you want to be in your vape and so you control the nicotine consumption that is it you decide to use vape. Nicotine users looking to reduce their nicotine consumption usually start with a high level of nicotine and then they gradually reduce it until they eliminate their nicotine use.

  • There is a flavor for your taste

For your e-juice, ’there’s an endless number of flavors that you can choose from. Also, new flavors are created all the time so you would not run out of option anytime soon and there’s always nee options for you to try out. You can also try out your favorite flavors such as fruits, menthol, beverages, etc.


  • There are so many options

There are so many types of equipment that can be used for vaping and so many vaping styles. This makes it hard to understand because it is much easier to just choose a cigarette and light it up. New vapers are advised to use a starter kit. You can find it in a vape shop or from a friend who is into vaping.

  • Vaping is expensive

Vaping involves buying of products repeatedly. It does not matter how your vaping device is made, it would always need replenishing. The price varies and some brands are quite expensive but there are plenty of cheap ones available. It would not always last forever. Even though buying one bottle might not cost much, eventually, the cost would add up when you buy many flavors

Consider these points carefully to know the pros and cons of vaping. So what are you waiting for? Get your vapes as soon as you can.


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