Getting married soon? One of the major decisions you have to make that will make an impact on the ceremony is the dresses of your bridesmaid. Modest bridesmaid dresses are currently the trend these days since they do not upstage the bride’s wedding gown and they do not show too much skin for a holy union.

There has always been this “joke” that all bridesmaid dresses are only worn once because they look so horrible. And a lot of pictures have surfaced to prove this right. But lately, we can see chic designs that would make bridesmaids want to use their dresses all the time. It will not be hard for you to pick out a dress that your girlfriends will love!

Ideas for modest bridesmaid dresses

So, how do you cover up your girls while making sure that they still look stylish? If you do not know where to start when it comes to looking for a great modest bridesmaid dress, do not worry! Here is a list of design features that you should consider in the search for the best modest bridesmaid dresses:

Empire dress

This style is very popular among ladies who do not want to show the curves on their waist. The fitted part of the dress ends just below the bust, giving a high-waist effect. This style has a timeless elegance to it that your girls can use on any occasion and still look classy. They also look best with sleeves, which is a plus on the modesty scale.

Bolero jacket

A bolero jacket is a short-tailored jacket that usually can be fastened at the front with a piece of jewelry or a fancy button. This style was inspired by a matador’s “chaquetilla.”” In formal dresses, the bolero is constructed similarly to the dress but using a stiffer fabric or a lace of the same color. If you choose right, your girlfriends can even use the bolero with other outfits.

Ballerina neckline

The ballerina neckline is a high-cut oval neckline that is meant to put an emphasis on the collarbone. It shows enough skin and not so much cleavage which is a plus on the modesty scale. This type of neckline can go well with different dress styles whether you want a cocktail dress or a long gown. Also, ballerina necklines work well with scarves and shawls, an additional modest accessory to consider if you need to go for sleeveless dresses.

Maxi dresses

This floor or ankle-length dress style is a very popular style choice for bridesmaid dresses these days – especially for bohemian-themed weddings. They are great if you want a modest bridesmaid dress and the climate is warm since they are usually made out of thin material.


You can make use of lace to cover up skin. A lot of dresses have incorporated laced sleeves or necklines to gowns and this does not only cover them up in a glamorous way but also look classy.

Last thoughts

As you can see, modesty does not have to be frumpy or old-fashioned. There are a lot of chic styles to choose from that would look good on your girls without upstaging your bridal gown.


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