The CPAP machine is capable of delivering a reasonable amount of oxygen into the body at the right pressure while you sleep.

The supply of oxygen to your body will prevent some respiratory interruptions that occur a bit often with people who suffer from sleep apnea. Clyncare is available to attend to all cases related to CPAP.

One of the effects of apnea is snoring. Snoring can be caused as a result of partially obstructed breathing while sleeping.

This obstruction leads to a harsh unpleasant sound that is generated from the throat as you sleep. Sometimes the problem may not be just snoring, it may Obstructive Sleeping Apnea (OSA).

This is a serious medical condition. People who suffer from OSA have breathing interruptions when they sleep.

This is mostly a result of relaxed tongue muscles obstructing their airway. The CPAP is usually prescribed by doctors who diagnose sleep Apnea as the problem.

You need to understand that CPAP has been proven as an effective treatment for sleep apnea. As a useful tool, it also needs to be maintained like every other useful home appliance.

Why Your CPAP Should Not Be Dirty

Good sanitation never is overstated. If you are looking for help on cleaning your CPAP, then you are making the right step.

The CPAP needs to be cleaned regularly. Some people get so busy and forget to clean their CPAP. They forget to clean the device and even forget to change the filters.

This pattern of regularly forgetting or neglecting the cleaning and maintenance of your CPAP is a dangerous business that needs to be stopped.

The CPAP cleaning should be done regularly to maintain a good breathing condition. If the device is in good shape and neat you are sure of healthy progress.

Nightly use of the device will allow bacteria to build up, and make deposits inside the mask. Not cleaning the device regularly will lead to infections and other side effects.

What Does a Dirty CPAP Machine Feel Like?

The unpleasant experience of using a dirty CPAP machine can have adverse effects on your general health. Here are some of the problems some patients faced.

Skin Irritation

A dusty device will be surely paid for. Using a dusty device may lead to peeling skin or acne in the places where the mask touches your face.

Repeated Sickness

Sinus infection as we as pneumonia are symptoms of dirty CPAP for those who use it. If you find yourself falling sick too often, you should contact your doctor.

The Smell

You might sense the problem with the aid of your already active nose. When you start to perceive a musty stink from your CPAP system, there is a chance that your device has gathered bacteria.

There is no problem if you ask a family member to help you detect the smell from your CPAP device if your sense of smell is not so functional at the moment.


You might also experience sore throat, runny nose, congestion, respiratory infection, lung irritation, and a list of other things. Avoid having to deal with them by just cleaning your CPAP.


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