We are…

… a Breastfeeding

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and Cloth Diapering Family!

 photo 4_zps51ac74a0.jpgAnyone else here who’s in the team?


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7 Things I Learned After Being a Mom

It’s been more than a month since this journey called “motherhood” started. This phase of my life changed me in so many ways. There are so many things I have learned and if you are a mom reading this, I bet you will be able to relate to this list!

1. Eat with one hand. After a few days of  eating with one hand, I think my left hand have mastered doing anything my right hand could do, not just eating. I mean everything. I could blog with one hand, update my Facebook account, read, write my “today’s to-do list” and many more!

2. Go about my day without brushing my hair. The other day, I woke up wondering. Did I brush my hair yesterday?! Lol! I would mostly go out of the bathroom rushing to my crying baby. I have to tie my hair so they wouldn’t irritate her and forget all about brushing my hair until I fall asleep. I seriously need a haircut! Wash and wear style!

3. Laugh while cleaning someone else’s poop. Who enjoys washing soiled diapers? I don’t! But Natalie’s poop makes us all laugh. It’s like a pooplosion! There is soooo much that the diaper can’t contain it. One time, her poop squirted out of her nappy and ended up in her dad’s shirt. Haha!

4. Smile even when your nipples hurt. I DO NOT understand why my daughter bites me every time she finishes nursing. She would bite my nipples and eject it with her tongue. I just don’t understand. And it hurts so bad I sometimes yell. Anyone else experiencing this?

5. Pick things up using my foot. I know, I know you find it gross. But when you are holding something with one hand and holding a baby with the other and need to pick something up, all you have left is your feet! You better make use of your resources. Haha..

6. Step out of the shower half wet. So like what I told you, after shower I always come out of the bathroom rushing! And when I do, sometimes, I’m not even done drying my entire body. Ohh, motherhood!

7. Wake up every hour and fall back to sleep again within one minute. I wear I thought this was never possible. I’m the type who would take time to fall asleep once I wake up. But not now! I think my day is too tiring that my body just longs to rest at night!

Although it gets pretty tough sometimes, these adjustments don’t seem to matter whenever I see this cute little cuddly baby….


What have you learned since you became a mom?
Can you relate to any of these?

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3 Reasons Why My Closet is Almost Empty

I’m not a shopaholic (at least I think I am not). But lately I’ve been having the desire to ransack the department store to buy new clothes. Let me tell you why….

1. My clothes don’t fit me anymore. I weigh 107 lbs before I became pregnant and just before I gave birth I hit 137 lbs. I wasn’t wishing for a miracle and be back to 107 lbs that fast. I know it would take a while. Right now, my current weight is a whopping 123 lbs. This is the biggest I had been my entire life! I didn’t really care until Iast week when I was dressing up. I changed 3 times before I finally found a blouse that fit me! My goodness! 3/4 of my wardrobe are all in my suitcase. They’re all too small for me to wear. Argh!

2. I need nursing clothes friendly. Since I’m breastfeeding, I need clothes with buttons or wide neckline. And the thing is, I don’t have much. I don’t have much with big sizes that would fit me. I was wearing one of my favorite blouses the other day and when I reached for something, I heard it crack. When I checked my blouse, it had a huge tear in the underarm. Oh, life!

3. It’s getting colder!  I started wearing pajamas and socks again last night! I can absolutely feel the cold season already. I also had to get my long sleeves and sweaters. Again, not all of them fit me so I need more to wear! Since the ever reliable tbdress.com has a wide variety of choices when it comes to cheap sweaters (www.tbdress.com/cheap-sweaters-101057) and ladies knitwear (www.tbdress.com/cheap-knitwear/100522), I think i know what to ask Hubby for the Christmas gift I want to receive!


I really like this one!

5 You would almost always catch me wearing a tank top and a cover like this one. It’s perfect for the cold season and very convenient when I’m nursing.

How long did it take you to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight?
(I still wish to wear at least most of my clothes!)
What kind of clothes did you wear when you were breastfeeding?

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Tips in Dressing Your Teenager

Next to having a newborn (or a toddler), having a teenager is one of the most challenging season of motherhood. You need to constantly balance being lenient and being disciplined in order to raise a well-rounded teen. One of the things moms have a hard time dealing with is their children’s fashion style. Because of generation gap, it’s hard to relate to them in terms of fashion. So here are some tips on how you can manage and help your teen express herself through fashion.

Respect her style. You need to understand that she is different from you. Your choices may be completely different from hers and you have to respect that. You have to remember that teenagers today have a way different style from the styles you had as a teenager.

Teach her to buy inexpensive yet stylish clothes. It’s very important to teach your child this early on. A dress’ price tag will not determine whether it is going to look good on your child or not. Price tags are just that — price tags. They don’t have anything to do with how they would look on you. Even a cheaply bought skirt or dress would look expensive if you know how to wear or mix and match it with your clothes. Check this out: http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Cheap-Dresses-101231/

Be honest with your opinion but be gentle. Don’t insist on what you want. Like what I’ve said, she may have a different style than yours. You may not agree with her. That’s ok. But you can always share your feelings to her without being too harsh. Be as gentle as possible.

Share your own style. Maybe she would like to be more adventurous and adopt your style. Why don’t you share what your preferences are and you’ll never know, you’d probably have a thing in common.

Shop with her. Shopping is the most therapeutic thing to do on planet earth! Please tell me I’m right! Haha.. Aside from shopping on bazaars or malls, you could also go online shopping with her. There are so many online shops that would give you the latest trends in the fashion industry. You may want to visit http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Lolita-Dresses-4461 for some nice dresses for your teen. Here are some dresses you might want to check out.

 photo 7_zpsac49e01b.jpg

 photo 8_zps0f1d16fa.jpg

Enjoy shopping and styling with your teen!

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5 Boots I want to Own

Living in the Philippines means living in a place where there is no snow or winter. To a normal person this means no chance to wear boots. However, if you are trendy enough, you could easily pull off wearing boots during the not-so-hot season. Another chance to wear boots is during parties when you want to look your best or in my case when I perform on stage.

A few Christmases ago, I shared with you my one and only Christmas wish list — a pair of red boots. Well, I didn’t get them! Haha… That’s because I felt like it’s a waste if I won’t be using them often.

Now looking at all these cheap boots and leather boots from http://www.tbdress.com/topic/blackfridayInTBdress/. I can’t help but put boots again on my Christmas wish list!! I hope my husband won’t miss this post! Haha…

These are 5 boots I wish to own…












I discovered something! Tbdress will have a grand Black Friday Sale on December 28, 2014! That’s something to look forward to =D I know a lot of you are excited to shop during sale periods. This Black Friday sale would probably be the best time to go shopping online. No more long queues or big crowd. All you need is your computer and just click through the items and that’s it. Done shopping!


More information about the online Black Friday deals here: http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Boots-100923/ This gets more exciting!!! =D

Which of the boots I chose do you like best?
How many pair of boots do you have? 

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