What My Daughter Says About Us

I have always loved what Stephen Covey said… “Begin with the end in mind.” This doesn’t just apply to career or business goals. I believe it also applies to family life. When I was still pregnant with Natalie, I thought to myself, what do I want Natalie to say about us when she’s older? And this is the outcome…

I didn’t grow up in a perfect home but I sure grew up in a happy one. All I ever wanted growing up was to be just to be just like mom – a good and caring wife, a loving and supporting mom and a godly and obedient servant of Christ. And someday, I want to be able to marry a godly man like dad. He didn’t just provide financially. He provided all of us three a lot of love and protection. Although he gets too busy at work and his business sometimes, he never failed to attend any of my violin and piano recitals. Not once. Same goes with my siblings. He always attended my brother’s basketball games even when they fall on a weekday. And my favorite… Our birthdays are holidays! My dad no matter what day it falls, will take a day off work and celebrate with us every single year!

My mom homeschooled us until we were in 4th grade. I think it was one of the most important decisions that my parents made. It had made a huge impact on our lives. My mom always told us (like over and over and over and over again) that “character is more important than anything because God looks at the heart.” This is something embedded in all our hearts growing up. No amount of money or success or academic excellence will ever equal character.

I don’t excel in school for any reason other than wanting to honor God. My life as a musician and the perks that come with it will not compare to knowing God and having an intimate relationship with Him. I know that someday, I will die and all these material possessions and accomplishments will mean nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just a chasing after the wind. And at the end of it all, “Character is more important than anything because God looks at the heart.”

I thank the Lord for my parents and there is no other family I would like to be part of other than this.


This is my aim. I know I will not be a perfect mom. Ever. But I want to at least have a target. Be that godly mom God wants me to be.

PS: This was back in the days when I have not experienced labor and child birth yet. Back then, I wanted at least 2 more kids. But now…. I don’t know. I don’t think I’d survive another set of months of sleepless nights! At least for now, that’s farthest from my thoughts! Haha…

How do you think your kids would describe you?

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Schedule of a 4-month Old

This is what our PERFECT day looks like. I say perfect because this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes she doesn’t take her nap on time. Or sometimes I allow her to sleep in a little bit longer so she could catch up on our 5-hour nap target each day.

6:30 Wake up time, feed, play with dad
**She sometimes wakes up earlier than this so I let her take a longer 1st nap to catch up on the next cycle.
While she and Daddy spends quality time, I prepare Daddy’s baon.

8:00 Nap
**I would sleep with her if I she didn’t make me sleep the night before. This is also the time I spend blogging and commenting on my favorite blogs. If I didn’t get to read the Bible early morning, I’d do it this time.

9:30 Feed, wake time, bath time, listen to worship songs
**This is the time I run the laundry.

11:00 Nap
**While she’s asleep, I read books or surf the net.

12:30 Feed, Wake time, listen to audio Bible
**I continue the laundry because I usually don’t finish it in the morning while we just talk (like she understands?! Haha)

2:00 Nap
**I usually nap with her at this time.

3:30 Feed, wake time, listen to Mozart or Violin
**I put her in the crib while I cook.

4:30 Park
**We go to the park for a walk.

5:00 Nap
**She usually falls asleep after strolling for 30 minutes before! Now, I have not been able to successfully make her sleep. She loves looking around and though I know she’s sleepy, she fights it!

5:30 Wake time
**We go back home. I tidy the house, wash the dishes, take early dinner and wash up.

6:00 Wake time
**We just usually chat or do crazy things and laugh aloud. Though not a good thing to do because she ends up having so much gas! Hihi

6:30 Night time routine
**We read a book together, just 1-3 pages. Then a brief wash up, change clothes, give her a little massage with calming oil, then time to sleep!
Well, she still doesn’t sleep through the night but I’m hoping she would soon!

What does your baby’s day look like?

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Our Wedding Was Featured!

This is just a quick post to let you guys know that we were interviewed about our wedding (eeekkk! So exciting!) at www.weddingdresses.com. Come visit us and join us as we reminisce our Big Day!

We love a wedding that’s a little bit out of the ordinary here at WD.com headquarters, and Viviene and Albert’s wedding is certainly one to remember. From the invitations to the wedding itself, everything was truly unique and reflective them as a couple. We spoke to Viviene about the special details on her big day and how she went about making everything fall into place.

Read more here… 


I’ll see you guys there!

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3 Ways To Save After Having a Baby


One of the main reasons why we didn’t want to have a baby just yet is because we feel we aren’t ready financially. But God surprised us early this year when He blessed us with a beautiful baby. Oh no, so what will happen to our monthly budget?!?!? Little by little, God showed us ways on how we could actually stay with our current budget even with the arrival of our newborn! Yes, it’s possible! Here’s how…

Breastfeed. I wanted to breastfeed mainly because it is nature’s way of supplying food for a newborn. Well, God designed it that way. It is more beneficial for baby and even for mommy. Even formula milk companies say that “breastfeeding is still best for babies”. So why would I go for formula milk? And then, a week before I gave birth Hubby and I attended a Breastfeeding Forum at Asian Hospital. Apart from all the good things about breastfeeding, they also mentioned how economical it is to breastfeed. Say you are spending Php8,000 a month for formula milk. That’s Php96,000 in one year! Imagine, that’s already a car downpayment (or house downpayment)… When Hubby learned about that, he gave FULL support on my choice to breastfeed! Haha..

Have vaccines at Health Centers. I have never been to a Health Center when my youngest sister was growing up. She had all her vaccines at the hospital. But that was so and so years ago. If you decide to have vaccines with your pediatrician, it would cost you thousands! Like one vaccine would cost Php4,000 or so. According to my friend, in total, you’ll spend more than Php 30,000 for your child’s vaccine. That’s a LOT! But if you decide to have your baby’s shots at health centers, it would cost you.. nothing! Well, except for the waking up early so you’d be first in line, except for the inconvenience but monetarily, it won’t cost you a dime.

Use Cloth diapers. We are new to cloth diapering. We didn’t really know about it until I came across a blog about it. I thought it wasn’t just cute but economical. I discussed this with my husband and had the diaper costs computed. Guess what? In my baby’s 2 weeks of life, we have already spent Php500. That makes it Php24,000 in two years. If we use cloth diapers, it would cost 300 for one and you can use it forever! Let’s say we will be buying 20 pieces, that would be Php 6,000. That’s it! Add the detergent, water and electricity cost (if using washing machine and dryer) and it’s still far from 24k. That’s again a lot of savings!

Do you know of other ways on how mommies could save after baby’s arrival?

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Chocolatey Goodness from France

I’m ready for Valentines!! Didn’t we just celebrate the New Year?? Haha! The other day I received an early Valentines gift from zChocolat straight from France! Yes friends…. FRANCE!!


zChocolat creates handmade chocolates in France by a master chocolatier with zealous adherence to French tradition: no preservatives, high cocoa content, little sugar and 100% cocoa butter.

This is by far the most exquisite chocolates I have ever had. My husband thinks the same! We received a 27 piece set and each piece of chocolate has a delicious and distinct flavor. I specially like their flagship Z chocolate which combines a soft, sweet and salty caramel and crunchy praline made from slow roasted Piedmont hazelnuts. Ok, in one word – delicious!

Take a look at how neat the packaging is. It comes in a Mahogany box you can actually customize! You can have your husband’s name on it. Isn’t that sweet??? Some packaging allows you to have a Wax Seal of your spouse’s initials. Absolutely special!

As for the shipping, they have a flat rate of P797 ONLY! Not just that, shipping is complimentary if you order minimum of 3 products delivered to a single address.

Whether you are giving this as a gift to your husband, special someone or even your boss, they will absolutely love it!!

I’m going to have to take another bite! See you later!

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