Bingsu at Clementi Mall

I had the most stressful 2 weeks of my life previously and I just need to take a break. So last Sunday, Hubby took us out to the mall and offered to take care of Natalie so I could have a 1 HOUR BREAK. Yeah, when you’re a mom, that’s all you can get. One hour break each week. Unfortunately, I left my phone at home so after leaving them at the playground I had to be back soon because they have no way of contacting me in case something happens.

As I was on my one-hour-break-turned-15-minute-break, I saw a newly opened dessert place at Clamenti Mall. I was hoping to take some sweet time at Starbucks but it was on the 3rd floor and my Daddy and daughter team was on the 5th floor so I wanted to find a spot closer to where they were. Then I saw Bingsu!

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Bingsu is a Korean dessert. If you remember my recent post on Ice Flower Korean Cafe, this is the same iced dessert they offer. It’s a famous dessert in Korea that we can relate to Halo Halo in the Philippines or Kachang in Singapore.

So here’s what I think of the place.

Interior. I was going to stay at Bingsu but they only had cocktail tables and nowhere to sit. I’m not sure with you but I don’t think I’m eating my iced dessert in haste so I need a chair! I think they should change the whole idea because people will be coming here to eat and stay awhile. People won’t buy there and take it away while strolling in the mall. I don’t think so. Customers would buy and eat it immediately so they need a place to stay.

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Staff. Since they are new, I think they should be a bit more lively or inviting. They are hardly noticed because it’s just a very small space. Oh, probably the reason why they didn’t put chairs. I don’t know. Maybe. I think they should create some noise. Do some free taste. Have someone outside the store to say hi to the passers by, etc.

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Taste. It was just as expected. There were only about 5 flavors offered. We went for Choco Banana. I am afraid to try the other flavors. Well, glad we went for something more familiar because we absolutely enjoyed it!

 photo image-0.02.01.b86056f75fe4d24ed9c120506e1a8eb9b1e1733ba084c63045723f35f1fe0369-V_1.jpg

Price: Regular size is around S$5.90 and Large is $7.90. I’m not so sure about the price but it is somewhere along this. Large was definitely good for sharing.

#04-33 The Clementi Mall

Do you have  a favorite desserts place?

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3 Ways To Cope When Dealing With Consequences

Haunted by the past.

That would be the title I would give my weekend. I had to face the consequences of my actions from many years ago. Some things I just want to hide in the woods. I want to just shut off from the world or erase from my memory the things I had done in the past, those things I am not very proud of. But life goes on. There are days when I have to talk to those people who hurt me or whom I have hurt.. that was last weekend.

Although what I wanted to do was just ignore the situation and pretend I’m on another planet, I have to face the fact that as long as I live, I will be dealing with people from my past. It took me some time to gain composure but I did eventually manage the encounter.

Here are 3 ways you too can do too when dealing with people whom you had some bad experiences with:

1. Don’t burn bridges. This may not apply to every situation but at least to those that are, try to remain civil. You don’t need to reconcile to the point of friendship or closeness you had in the past. Just try to be nice and kind.

2. Allow yourself to feel the pain but have a deadline. I have learned about this trick from my friend who often gets depressed. And I have read about this too in some self help books in the past. You can allow yourself to feel the pain but don’t let it control you long term. Feel bad, cry, or whatever you want to do. But don’t spend the whole day, let alone the whole week or your whole life feeling miserable. Try, at least try to move on.

3. Remember the lesson, not just the painful experience. God probably had to provide me with this encounter so that I would be reminded of the lessons He taught me in the past. Be humble. Don’t compromise. Love God above all. And many more lessons I need to learn and relearn.

Someday I will completely move on. Someday I will think about my past mistake as a lesson to remember. Someday I will completely feel okay. But for now, I thank the Lord for taking me out of the situation where He was not glorified.

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The Paper Stone Singapore

I can’t believe I had not blogged about this store. The Paper Stone is my ultimate super duper favorite store in Singapore. I frequent this store even if I won’t be buying anything. But then I always end up buying something before I leave. Uhg, temptations! Haha.. They got planners, notebooks, pens, art decor, etc. I was just here yesterday to buy a sharpener, pencil and gift wrapper.

 photo deskplanners-310x170px.jpg

I mostly buy notebooks here. Sometimes I feel like I’m panic buying! =p I can’t resist to buy just “one more” notebook. I like the design, color and mostly the quotes on their notebook covers especially the ones that are empowering. They got notebooks with powerful quotes that I just couldn’t say no to. I just have to buy it. These are also great gift ideas for your sisters or girlfriends.

 photo homedecor-310x170px.jpg

I’m not sure until when they will be on sale but their branch in Choa Chu Kang is on a 50% off store wide sale. You might just see me again there this week!

Do you have a favorite store?

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Maybe I’m not reading too much news. Or maybe I’m not on Facebook a lot. It was only today that I learned about #courageouscatie and having known her in 3 minutes after reading a few news items about her reminded me that life is indeed short — to some, like herself, as short as 3 years.

Early symptoms began in September last year in the form of lesions similar to mosquito bites suddenly appearing in her arms and legs. These were initially diagnosed as a simple case of allergic reaction to insect bites and later on as tuberculosis.

But three months later, Caitie’s symptoms worsened despite treatment for the infectious disease: Her skin lesions got bad, spreading to her face, and she developed abdominal pain, an enlarged spleen and liver, and chronic diarrhea.

After nearly two months of hospital confinement that began on New Year’s Day and the medical bills ballooned to P4.5 million, three times more than the family’s savings, without a concrete diagnosis, the Lucases took a leap of faith. They flew to Singapore on Feb. 21. -Inquirer

Sadly, the battle ended in Singapore on March 31, 2016. I wish there had been a different ending. I wish after learning that she has juvenile myelomonicytic leukaemia, there would be the hope of a new beginning. Knowing what disease she has contracted means they can care for her better. But God had other plans. He wants Caitie home.

I do not know Caitie or her parents personally. But when her mom said she wanted Caitie’s pain to not go in vain, to be able to impact other people, I’d say it has. It absolutely has.

I cried almost endlessly after reading her story. I cried because of how painful the situation must have been. But mostly… I cried because today I shouted at Natalie. I cried because I got mad at the little things she did this morning that annoyed me. I cried because I asked God if He was sure He wanted me to be a mom. I cried because I’m so selfish.

I cried because the truth is… I love Natalie so much and I can’t imagine life without her.

Caitie, thank you for reminding me to love my daughter unconditionally. Thank you for fighting courageously. Thank you for your example of faithfulness. You will always be remembered. 

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God’s Lessons To Me From A Giveaway

One Sunday after church, my sister suggested we watch War Room. It’s the latest movie of Alex and Stephen Kendrick — the makers of Courageous, Fire Proof and Facing the Giants.

PLOT: With great jobs, a beautiful daughter (Alena Pitts) and a dream house, the Jordans seem to have it all. Appearances can be deceiving, however, as husband Tony (T.C. Stallings) flirts with temptation and wife Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) becomes increasingly bitter, crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage. Their lives take an unexpected turn for the better when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie), who encourages the couple to find happiness through prayer.

I was pretty excited because I haven’t seen the movie. I have seen the trailer and I knew it was a good movie like the ones they produced before. So instead of strolling in the mall, we thought we’d just take home a box of pizza and watch the movie together with our parents. We headed to Odyssey to get the DVD. Unfortunately, they said it isn’t available yet. We were puzzled because it should be available already by now.

Probably we should try a Christian store. We searched online for a House of Praise outlet in Alabang Town Center where we were at and found there was one somewhere there. But we didn’t find it! Maybe there’s no HOP in Town Center anymore. Anyway, we were keen on getting the DVD. I remembered we passed by a Christian store selling shirts and other items with Scriptures in them. That probably is also selling Christian DVDs right? So we walked back to this store only to find out that the last, the very last DVD had been sold a few hours earlier. Like what??? We were window shopping in front of their shop at that time! We could have bought it then!!

My sister and I were VERY upset. But I’d say she handled it very well. We ended up eating our pizza at the mall and going home empty handed. No DVD for us.

A few days later….

I received an email from The Phenomenal Mama saying I won their giveaway. Guess what the prize is?? WAR ROOM DVD!!!!! I know, right?!?!! I remembered a few weeks back, I joined this giveaway and have totally forgotten about it! It turns out I would be winning the giveaway! I received the DVD a day before I flew to Singapore.

 photo image-0.02.01.cfd726da2934744138a4e5ab444d2e96d4e3528965e65be74b9cd25c230f71e7-V.jpg

I know this is just a very simple story of probably to some “coincidence”. But to me, it was more than a coincidence, it was a special story that brought home important lessons:

1. God’s timing is perfect. I find it really sweet of God to send me His gift this way. I had appreciated winning the giveaway more because of how He weaved the story. It took us more than an hour walking around ATC finding that DVD! Only to find out He’s giving it to me for free! Wow!

2. God can turn disappointment into joy. Sometimes, He brings us to a point of disappointment so that when He gives us what we ask for, we will give it more meaning and value. We sure did! I wouldn’t have felt this happy to receive the DVD if the prior disappointment didn’t come into the picture. I would be happy of course but not THIS happy!

3. Trust that God knows best. Sometimes I get angry at God when He doesn’t give me what I pray for. Like not being able to get a Dependant Visa here in Singapore. Is it bad to want to be with my husband? After several months of coming back and forth to Singapore, God made me realize that this is the best scenario for us. Natalie gets to spend time with my parents while we are in the Philippines and Hubby gets to rest better when we are not here (Natalie is very clingy to her daddy!) We could have gotten angry for not buying the DVD. Hello God? That was just a DVD. Why didn’t you let us have it? We did feel bad but we were ok. We knew that for some reason, we just didn’t have to buy it that day. And sure enough, we were not buying because we were gonna get it for free! Trust that God knows best.

Thanks again, Tina of The Phenomenal Mama!

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