Fit Food Manila Review

I have never heard of food diet delivery until last week. I know, right? Where have I been? How come I didn’t know this thing exists? I only learned about it last week when I saw it on Ara Mina’s Instagram account. She raved about how delicious these low calorie meals are. How low? 1,200 calorie per day, friends! Like… What??? 1,200 calories??? Seriously? I was very curious I immediately went to their Facebook account and boy, I was drooling! I couldn’t stop myself looking at the super sumptuous food that I just found myself eating Fit Food Manila meals for 5 days!!!


True to their promise, they are ridiculously delicious! I had my sister try the first meal and she was impressed! She said if diet foods were this delicious, then she wants to diet! Haha! I also had Hubby taste my food when he got home and said the same thing.

Who is this for and how does it work?
We have to admit that we are busy people. There are so many things to do on a daily basis that even preparing meals should be fast. Thus, we end up buying fast food all the time. Ending, unnecessary weight gain! Fit Food Manila helps you with that. They prepare low calorie meals, cook it deliciously and sends it to your doorsteps! Then, you stay slim and happy! They deliver the meals (3 main meals plus 2 snacks) every night starting Sunday night.


My experience.
I probably have been eating 3,000 calorie meals on a daily basis loaded with a lot of white rice, cakes and chocolates! That kind of thing for the last 9 months of my life… So switching from no dessert and low calorie diet was quite drastic. I suggest you prepare yourself by slowly and gradually eliminating unnecessary foods in your diet before starting the program. Since this is a low calorie diet, expect the food to be in small portions. I sometimes had to add in some snacks in between (carrot and singkamas sticks) plus milk and pandesal in the morning because I really need heavy breakfast. With the chores lined up in front of me every morning, I needed more energy. And my result…. I lost a pound in 4 days! I knew I’d lose more if I had control.. Ok, I ate some chocolates on the first day. Still, it’s a healthy weight loss — 1-2 lbs a week.


What I like about Fit Food Manila.
I can’t tell you enough how delicious they are. Super yummy!! I also love their customer service. I live in a far away land where they don’t deliver and they were kind enough to accommodate me by delivering the meals to Hubby’s office address instead.

Fit Food Manila
Delicious low-calorie meals delivered to your door daily. Php1,850 for 5 days! Inquire: 0917-724-0222 or
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you ever tried diet food deliveries? How did you like it?

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The 30 Day Challenge

I figured if I really want to be healthier, I need to be serious and intentional about it. Since the start of the year, I have “wanted” to lose weight. June is coming in a few days and I have not shed a pound yet. Shame on me! So I have decided to push myself a little bit and make my 30 day challenge a little public. I also shared this with Hubby for accountability.

Here are my 4 commitment for the next 30 days. Or 30 more or hopefully make them a habit until I lose the extra 20 lbs I have been carrying for almost a year.

1. Eat vegetables every single meal.
2. Eat sweets as treats (in moderation) on weekends ONLY.
3. Absolutely NO FASTFOOD for the next 30 days. Zero. Nada. Never. Bye KFC. Bye Jollibee.
4. Exercise for 5-10 minutes at least 2x a week.

I know this is quite a handful but I have been making a mental note on this the past few weeks so hopefully I’d be able to really start these new habits and come out healthier!! I just don’t want to go to the doctor again! And most of all, I want to be a Small again. I’ve been buying clothes in Large and XL and it has been excrutiating!

PS: What a way to start this challenge. We have 4 packs of chocolate inside our fridge now — my brother’s pasalubong from his trip to the US. I can do this! Haha!

PSS: I have been taking a 1,200 calorie diet per day. Thanks to Fit Food Manila! I will share that with you more on my next post.

What are some habits you want to change?

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Discover Rome

There are so many places I want to go to. You all know I want to go to Japan and Korea. I also want to go to Hawaii and Spain. And most of all, I want to travel althroughout Europe especially Rome. Rome is a beautiful city whether you are coming to visit the Vatican or just want to enjoy some historical landmarks and art. There are many hotels in Rome to choose from, and you can find the best choice for your needs whether you stay in the city or on the outskirts of this amazing area.

Travel Arrangements
You can travel around Rome in many different ways. Many people enjoy walking around if they pick a resort close to the attractions that they want to see. You can also rent a bicycle or scooter to get around this area too. Taxis are plentiful, but you want to make sure that you try to choose a registered taxi cab that has a meter. If your taxi does not have a meter, you should always negotiate a price before getting in the vehicle.

Things to Avoid
Rome has many wonderful options, but there are a few things that you should avoid. Loud and forceful street vendors are very common in this area. You should do your best to avoid them unless you are interested in what they are offering. If you can, you may want to avoid visiting Rome in the hot summer months. The heat is intense and it is also the peak tourist time. You will be waiting in long lines for most attractions.

There are many hotels available from five-star resorts to less expensive options. You should try to stay in a hotel close to where you are going to be during most of your trip if you can afford it. Hotels in the city limits are usually more expensive than hotels located outside of the city. You can find a hotel that offers nice amenities and that has a reasonable price tag. You can compare rooms side by side on some online websites so that you can find the best room for the best possible price.

Rome has a lot to offer. If you are planning on making a trip to this area, you should be sure to find the right room upfront and make reservations as far in advance as possible. You should also decide what type of transportation you are going to need while in this area. You should plan ahead and be sure to enjoy your trip to Rome.

Do you also want to go to Rome?

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Mother of the Bride Dresses

A couple of days ago, my mom and I together with my little girl had some nice bonding time and reminisced my husband and I’s wedding 5 years ago. We are celebrating our 5th anniversary in 2 weeks! Doesn’t time flies super fast?? My mom was wearing a silk red top with all red accessories and red nails! I pretty much got my fasion sense from my mom. If you see her, you won’t believe she’s in her 60’s already. She always looks all made up wherever she goes!

I think that apart from the bride, guests are also looking at the mother of the bride’s dress. I feel that it’s important we involve our moms in our wedding planning. More so, with the gowns you will ask them to wear. It should fit right, reflect their own style and be comfortable enough to be worn for the whole affair. I found an interesting site where you can find mother of the brides dresses au. All pieces are very fashiobale and just a word of caution, you will have a hard time finding the perfect dress because they are ALL so gorgeous!

Here are some of the dresses I think my mom would love. Who knows, your mom might love these too!


I love that little detail at the bottom of the dress and the way the fabric hugs the body. Make you look really sexy. Moms do feel insecure sometimes with their bodies so make them wear something that would make them look confident, younger and beautiful.

Of course this red dress did not escape my eyes! Apart from the color (red is my favorite, you all know that!), the sexy dress will make any mother of the bride look stunning yet conservative with the lacy cover up. It’s perfect for any mom!

What do you think of these to dresses?
What did your mom wear on your wedding day?

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ECG, 2D Echo and Thyroid Test

I had been to several doctors these past months (OB, Ortho, Gastro and Cardiologist). This motherhood thing is so taxing both physically and emotionally that I think the next doctor I’d go to is a psychologist! Ok, not really. But it looks like it. Haha!

Anyway……. I realized I have not updated you with my after birth health struggles, esp on the palpitations. So I thought I’d give you a heads up.

I went to the doctor and the tests have confirmed I have irregular heartbeats. We had to do different tests to find out where it’s coming from. First, I had ECG done. Then, the thyroid test. And lastly, 2D Echo. Honestly, when I heard him say I needed to go through 2D Echo I was like, Am I dying? That test sounds so scary to me!

Thankfully, all my tests came out just fine. He said this is a common symptom before and after giving birth. Other than that, I seem fine. But I am still under medication for 2 months to manage my condition. I will be back again after and have another test to see how well my body is responding to my medication.

Thank you for praying with me!

Did you ever had to do these tests?

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