Presenting… Our Little Princess!!!

As we have announced on Facebook, the little tenant in my tummy decided to come out of her cage on September 7, 2014 at 3:37pm. Say hello to our little princess.. Natalie Keziah!

I can’t explain how it felt finally seeing her face to face. =) It feels surreal. I think every mom feels that way!

Our first family picture!

Ok, so here’s what happened……… Saturday evening, I feel quite strange already. I knew she was coming real soon. At 10pm, I started having contractions. Though it was irregular, it was painful. I knew labor officially started. By 2am, we’ve decided to head to the hospital already. I could still manage but I panicked when I saw a blood discharge. When I was checked at the hospital, the doctor said it’s still a few hours away so I better go home first and do some more walking. Hubby was able to catch some sleep but I was tooooo distracted by the pain I could hardly take a nap! 6am when the contractions were at 5 minute interval. I still managed to have a check up at 11am. When my OB checked on me, she was like… This is it! Go straight to the delivery room… Now! Haha…

There were 3 other moms giving birth at the other rooms. I was the first to go in and was the last to come out! Why was pushing that hard??? I felt like it took hours! And finally at 3:37pm, I heard my Baby’s first cry! =) After they cleaned her up, they gave her to me and it took a good 30 minutes before she started nursing! =p

We were thankful everything went well and I was discharged the following day! =) Now, I’m home and still recovering from the tear… I never thought it would hurt this much. Argh!

Anyway, I would also like to thank all of our friends and family who prayed for us, visited us, drove us home, brought us food and so much more blessings! We are super thankful for all of you! =)


PS: You might not see me here as often. One, because I’m still not in my senses. Haha.. Two, my macbook decided to retire a day before I gave birth. What a beautiful timing, huh? So i’ll see you whenever!

Here’s another peak from the little princess….


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Breastfeeding Forum at Asian Hospital

Since the time Hubby and I discussed about breastfeeding our baby, I have been researching the net for classes and forums I could attend about breastfeeding near us. Most of what I see are in QC or Makati. So learning about a free Breastfeeding Forum at Asian Hospital from a friend was such great news! =D I immediately called Asian Hospital to pre-register!


There were so many things I learned from the forum. This is going to be our first baby so I had no clue about breastfeeding. All the knowledge I know are from what I learned in the internet or books I’ve read.

Three speakers shared their expertise on the subject of breastfeeding. First was an OB gyne. I took a lot of notes and these are what I learned.

*I should know what I’m getting myself into. Breastfeeding maybe rewarding, but it takes hard work! I may have to deal with 8-12 feedings a day within the next 24 hours up to 2 weeks or so.
* I will be needing extra 400-500 calories a day and more liquid! Water, soup, juices, etc. Stay hydrated.
*Crying is a late cue of hunger. I shouldn’t wait for Baby to cry before I feed.

The next speaker is a Pediatrician who’s also an advocate of Breastfeeding. These were some points I wrote down:

* I shouldn’t lose hope. In the first 3-4 days, it may seem like there’s no milk coming out. Relax! It won’t usually be overflowing until I establish my milk supply.
* If there is sucking noise, I’m doing it wrong. I may hear the swallowing but not the sucking.
* Direct feeding is best between 4-6 weeks.

doc Ribano

And lastly, the speaker is a breastfeeding momma herself who’s also one of the founders of South PiNanays Facebook Group that supports mommies who want to breastfeed their  babies.

*Positioning is very important in breastfeeding.
*Using cup instead of bottle would be better.
*I can still breastfeed even when I’m sick. My Baby won’t be infected.


The best part of the program was the raffle draw!!! Do you remember the time I shared with you about my husband winning the grand prize on their Family Day? My husband seem to have a magnet for raffle prizes because he won again! He was first to be called. Haha! We got a cloth diaper! This is our 4th FREE cloth diaper. The first 3 were given to us as gifts from our friend. Such a blessing! There were so many other freebies too.


I’m just a few days away from delivery (or probably hours) as I write this. And the forum did give me more confidence that I CAN do this!

Are you breastfeeding your little one?
Or have you breastfed your kids?
How was your experience? Any other tips to share?

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Dedication and Bonding with Friends 

Two weekends ago, our friend celebrated their first-born’s birthday and dedication! How time flies! When we met them, they were just about to get married. And then, they had a baby! And now, their boy just turned one! How did that happen so fast?!?!?!

20140816_121155Hubby and I with the birthday boy!

We had a great bonding time esp with my friend, Emy, who happens to be pregnant too! Lookie! 

pregnant 2

We’re both full term now and we’re just waiting for “the day”. And we are both having Baby Girls! =) I’m so excited.


The afternoon was filled with lots of laughter and unending stories about our pregnancy, life in general and many more. 



I know I’m exaggerated. But you know what?? I have already planned our baby’s dedication and 1st birthday! The theme, the decor, what we’ll be wearing and of course the budget. My husband always tells me, “Why don’t you give birth first???” Hahaha! Ok, fine! Mommy can’t hide her excitement =) 

Are you excited about anything it sometimes doesn’t make you sleep? 

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Big Better Burgers at Northgate Alabang

Hubby and I have maintained weekly date nights for a couple of years already. Monday nights are off limits. He doesn’t go overtime. He doesn’t have dinner with friends. I don’t see my friends either. Mondays are sacred.

When we moved to our new place (just for 2 months until after I give birth), our date nights became date lunches and not restricted to Mondays. It became weekends or any day we wanted! I wish we could just have this all the time!


In a week or two, someone is joining our little family! =D So, I’m just enjoying our unlimited date nights and date lunches while it lasts!

For this weekend, we had lunch at Big Better Burgers. This is located just at the lobby of our condominium. Hubby and I have been pretty excited to try it out because we both love burgers! =D

Hubby had Hahalapeno (jalapeno, salsa, cheese, lettuce, ketchup). I had a bite and I feel it isn’t that spicy. Hubby thought so too. 1/4 lb is at P130 and 1/3 lb is at P158. He ordered the 1/3 lb beef which is automatically upgraded with iced tea and potato chips.

big better burgers

Although I’ve been dying to try their burger, I opted for pasta. I don’t really know why! I had pesto with meatballs for P115. Mmm.. The pasta is quite salty. But the meatballs were great! Super beefy! Grilled burgers (or meatballs) are just the bestest ever!


I’ve also been craving for fries so we had Country fries (P60) with cheese dip (P25).

potato fries

Our overall experience was so-so. Just wish I had burger! The next time we stopped by to eat there (the day after)…. Of course, I had burger! =D And the same experience… salty! So mmmm… not my favorite burger place. But would still go there if I crave for it.

What’s your favorite Burger place? 

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10 Decisions Every Parent Should Make

Nothing excites me more than having a new book to read! I got this book from NoQ store about a month ago but did not get the chance to read it immediately because I have plenty of books to read!

bill and pam

I told you how I’d been feeling anxious about having a child. And if you’ve been following my blog, you know I’d been vocal about that for many years now. Learning about my pregnancy came as a surprise to us but of course we are more than glad and happy for her arrival. It’s just that… I feel anxious once in a while especially now that she can come anytime soooon! Well, this book has given me more confidence in raising our soon-to-be daughter.

Authors. Pam and Bill Farrel are a married couple (with 3 boys) who’ve written many bestsellers already. I tend to be very loyal when I find an author whom I can really connect with. They are one of them. I felt so at ease with them. Reading their book makes me feel like they are my real life mentors.

Style of writing. I think we have the same style of writing. They share a lot of stories. Stories of their own struggles and triumphs in raising their kids and stories of their friends who’ve hang on in spite of hard times. As a reader, I learn more when stories are shared. So that’s a big plus for this book.

What I learned. A LOT! Really, I learned a lot from them. They passed on a lot of ideas on how to teach a child how to be honorable to God. I used to ask myself, what if I mess up? What if one of our kids become a black sheep? Will I ever be a good mom in the first place? After reading this, I had hope that parenting can be done you know. I shouldn’t be scared because I can partner with a big God who just happens to be the owner of this universe. How can I be afraid?

It’s such an encouraging book. It’s not a how to or a long list of what you should do to be perfect parents. It’s a book of honest to goodness approach in parenting.

Verdict. I recommend this book!

Special thanks to NoQ Store for sending me this book to review ^_^ 

Do you have other parenting books to share?
What did you learn? Care to share?

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