Respond. Don’t React.

How hard is it for you to respond and not react?! This was the Sunday message 2 weeks ago at our church. I knew just from the title that this message is for ME.

True enough, God tested me on this. I felt bad with what my husband did recently. I was so hurt and ended up crying for hours. My tears had put me to sleep that I was not even able to reply to his text messages. Ok, actually it was a bit intentional. Even when I knew he had been texting, I intentionally did not check my phone.

So many things were running in my head. Of course, my natural tendency is to react! To give him a frown and a bratinella attitude when he comes home. But for some reason, God allowed me to remain quiet and still manage to be calm. I knew it wasn’t me. It was the Holy Spirit stopping me from opening my mouth and nagging at my husband. When I told him about what he did and what I felt about it, he was very apologetic. Everything ended well. =)

I learned from the message that instead of reacting…I should P-R-A-Y. 

P – Pause
R – Resist the temptation to react
A – Ask God to control you.
Y – Yield to the Holy Spirit. Surrender to what He is telling you to do.

Genesis 25:19-21
Isaac (like his dad, Abraham) married a barren wife, Rebekah. It must have been upsetting because God promised Abraham numerous descendants through his son Isaac. But how can this happen if his wife is barren?

Sometimes, God’s promises and our life’s circumstances don’t match. And most of us (that includes me) would have a natural tendency to react and get mad at God. But that’s not what Isaac did. Isaac responded by praying! And of course, God is true to His words. Rebekah got pregnant with twins. =)

Do you usually respond or react to life’s trials?
Are you able to P-R-A-Y when situations don’t seem to favor you?

Watch the full Sunday message here.

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Baby Wise: Is it really effective?

Today is a special day! Remember I told you about our couples group that steadily increases because every year one of us gets pregnant? Well, this year, two of us! Anyway, one of these new mommas is joining us today! Since she’s the first to be preggo, she’s our go-to person if we have questions about our pregnancy. She’s also the one who shared with Hubby and I about “Baby Wise”.

baby wise book

Ever heard of that? Well, in a nutshell….

1.) It’s a method wherein babies would be able to sleep through the night in as early as 3 months. Sounds so divine, right?!? When she said that, we were like… GO GET THAT BOOK RIGHT NOW!!! Haha.. No kidding!

2.) It is somewhere in the middle of demand feeding (feeding babies whenever they cry even if they do every 30 minutes) and clock feeding (wherein babies get fed based on a tight schedule).

3.) It follows a feed-wake-sleep cycle and not wake-feed-sleep that most are accustomed to. You don’t feed the baby to put her to sleep. You allow her to sleep on her own.

mics 1

So so so…. without further ado, I’d like you to meet Mommy Mico. She’s the hot momma of this soon-to-be one year old uber cute boy, Risen and a loving and godly wife to Bryan.

So Mico, give us a quick glance about Baby Wise. What is this craze all about? And what convinced you to do this?

Hhhhmmmm…Basically Baby Wise aims to break the will of the child from infancy through Parent Directed Feeding (PDF). The idea is to create a routine or body clock (and stick to that) for the baby.  I was convinced to get into this because I have seen kids who were “Baby Wised” and they are just so self controlled, mabait and disciplined!

Do you know moms who’ve used this method?

Yep… I personally know two moms who are advocates of Baby Wise.  Even when I was still single, I was already persuaded that it is one good way to start disciplining the baby.  Their kids are all grown up now and you can see how Baby Wise helped them.  Self-control is very obvious in their traits.

Did you encounter challenges along the way? How did you cope?

Oh yes!  The first two months were difficult, it seemed like nothing was happening!  Bryan (my husband) helped me a lot.  This is actually what I also like about Baby Wise. It encourages co-parenting.  I do not think we would be successful with “Baby Wising” Risen without each other.  We were just surprised that on his third month, he slept through the night!  No getting up in the middle of the night to groggily prepare milk.  Now, at 11 months, he eats like an adult.  Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner.  =)

I’m not sure I could stand a baby crying in the middle of the night =( Do you just ignore him if it’s not yet time to feed?

We did not “ignore” him.  Inaliw-aliw (entertain), buhat buhat (carry) or cradle (But not too much)…Then we also checked on his nappies, tummy (gassing), and other things to be sure that he does not have problems.  Bryan was the one who was very good with this.  He was the one who told me that Risen can cry – that it is okay to let babies cry..

Risen is turning one next month. How has Baby Wise helped him and you as parents?

Baby Wise made us happy parents! Plus….

  1. Never kaming nag “hele” or nag-duyan to make him sleep.  Risen sleeps on his own.
  2. We are seldom late with our appointments because we know his schedule.
  3. I can do house chores and other activities because Risen has a more or less a fixed routine.
  4. Most people observe Risen as well-behaved.  He can stay for an hour in his high chair (with a toy) and 11/2 hour in his play area at home.
  5. No puyat (no waking up at night) for us!  Risen slept through the night since he was three months old.
  6. If he is fussy, we know why… no guessing game.
  7. We can leave him with his grandma.  All Mama has to do is follow Risen’s schedule and she won’t have problems as well.

What’s your one piece of advice for those who’s interested in adopting the feed-wake-sleep method?

Think about it first and agree as a couple if you will adopt it.  When you have decided, just go through the process and you will be amazed on how it can make your lifestyle easier.

Thank you so much Mommy Mico for sharing your success story on Baby Wise! I am definitely adopting this method. I finished the book already and now Hubby is reading through it! =D



Mico is a wife to Bryan and mom to Risen.  She serves her family full time and works on the side as a writer and online teacher.  She is a Christian, a coffee addict, a travel enthusiast, and dreams of homeschooling their first born. She blogs over at all MICS up.



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Fashion for Less

I feel that if there is one word my husband would describe me (or most of my friends), it would be frugal. I want anything cheap or at least worth my hard earned money. I think this is a trait I got from my mom. You could give her Php1,000 (about $25) and she’ll bring home more than 5 dresses with a bag and accessories. If she is in the mood, she could even buy a pair of shoes all within her budget! Amazing! I can never beat her with that.


I am good at finding great deals online. You don’t have to leave home, just a few clicks and you can find cheap women clothing. Where to find that? You might want to check this out:

I’d like to share with you some fashionable yet inexpensive clothes I found from this site. All under $25 (discounted price)

If you feel like being simple and classic…


If you’re going to a party…

black dress

If you want to be girly on a sunny day…

casual dress

If you want a sexy day dress..

office attire

Tell me what you think of my choices!

Do you like shopping online?
What was the latest piece of clothing you bought?

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Typhoon Glenda and what it did to our Home!

We didn’t expect Typhoon Glenda (International name: Typhoon Rammasun) would have this much destruction. When it came on Tuesday night, our electricity went out. I thought it wouldn’t last long. Or so I thought! Our electricity and water supply only came back last night after more than 48 hours! More than not having electricity, it was so miserable not having enough water to drink, to bathe or to wash the dishes. Hubby kept on telling me we would be better prepared next time! This was our first worst typhoon together. I’m sure next time we would be more prepared specially with enough water supply!

The wind was SO STRONG we thought the windows would be shattered! Thankfully, there wasn’t much damage in our home.

Our fence isn’t too sturdy, we know! So it instantly fell to the ground when the wind started to get so intense. When I say intense, it means this: Watch this video! (It’s in the Tagalog language but you can view it and see how strong the wind was.)


My Malunggay tree is also gone! =’( I hear this grows easily so I’m hoping it would have enough time to grow after I give birth. They say eating lots of Malunggay will help you have more milk for breastfeeding. (Do you think that’s true?)


And our Papaya tree! All our neighbors were saddened by the Papaya tree. We have harvested a lot from this tree. I will surely miss you! Now, we’d have to wait awhile for this to grow again. (If it still would..)

papaya tree

There are a lot more damage in the other parts of the country. I pray that they be able to recover soon.

What was the worst natural calamity you’ve experience?
What damage did it bring you?

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Another Round of Baby Shower!

What I thought was just a regular Couples Dgroup Meeting turned out to be a Surprise Baby Shower for me and my friend, Emy. I got a bit confused when they entered our home with lots of food and party balloons. “Looks like we’re having a party!” Indeed, we were! Haha…

The queens with our princesses inside our tummy. We’re both having girls!

with daddies

And now with the kings!

I don’t have a good appetite for the past days but boy, looking at these foods… who wouldn’t want to eat??


We also had these cute party favors courtesy of Elaine.

We had tremendous amount of laughter for an entire afternoon. The ladies prepared 3 games for everyone and you should definitely check these out:

* True or False. So there’s Teacher Mico asking us questions about pregnancy and newborn babies.


All we had to do was answer it with true or false. Sounds easy? Answer these and find out for yourselves if you could get a perfect score! Answer at the end of this post.

1. Bigkis is a medically accepted practice.
2. You should bathe your baby a day after she’s born.
3. Umbilical Cord will fall on its own.
4. Teething happens between 4-7 months.

I can’t remember the other questions. And by the way, we had 2 mistakes. Argh! I need to catch up on my reading.

2.) What’s my waist line? – Another game was to guess our waist line (not fundal height measurement). It was funny ‘coz one of them had guessed both Emy and I’s EXACT waist line!!!



Way to go, Danielle!

 3.) This is by far the most disgusting game I have ever witnessed. HAHAHAHA… I’m still laughing as I type this. I can’t get over. lol..


At first glance, it looks like poop. But no! They’re crushed choco peanut on that diaper. Haha.. So the husbands and the daddies are supposed to eat them. Whoever’s first to finish wins the game.


Look at that! I can’t find any other word for that except disgusting. Wahh.. I. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

It was such a great afternoon! Hubby and I learned a whole lot from Mommy Mico and Mommy Charmaine. And had so much fun with the rest of the couples.

photo-22 photo-21

Thank you to my loving friends for pulling off a great surprise for our babies over the weekend! You guys are awesome!


 Do you have other baby shower game ideas?!

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