Tips in Travelling With Toddlers

Last Saturday was the day we flew to Singapore. It was a mixed emotion. Excited to see Hubby of course but I dreaded the flight with Natalie. Will she cry? Go hysterical? Will she just sleep thru the flight? I was too anxious that sometimes, I forgot about the excitement all together!

Then an hour before the flight, the Little Girl fell asleep! How awesome! I claimed she would just sleep althroughout the flight. I was wrong. The moment we sat on the plane, she was wide awake until we reached Singapore!

Well to my amazement, she was absolutely well behaved on most part. There were bouts of crying but nothing too serious.

These are some ways we were able to have a stress free flight:

1. Get a seat in front. This was the best part of our flight. Because Natalie is such an active kid, she can’t stand sitting for long period of time. She needs to stand, walk around, sit, go down and just move in general. That leg room in front was such a big big big help! Good thing the flight wasn’t full so the seats on our right and left were empty. We got the full row to ourselves!

 photo image.jpg2_zpsmxc56xoh.jpg

2. Bring a lot of food. I had cereal, bisquit, hotdog, pizza, bread. And she ate them all in that 3 hour flight! I would categorize Natalie as a picky eater but that night, she just ate to entertain herself. But be very careful not to overfeed your kid or she might throw up. The food I brought were many but small in portion so it was fine.

3. Bring toys. My daughter is fine with a pen and a paper. She’s fine with magazines and my bag of make up. So I didn’t have to bring a lot of toys during our flight. You know your kid better. So bring something you are sure she’d enjoy. If your toddler is one who could already understand time, you can pack a new toy she could open every hour. So for a 3 hour flight, wrap 3 new toys and put a time on them. Tell your toddler you’d open it at a certain time. See if it works well for them.

4. Bring extra pair of clothes for both of you. Well, I wasn’t able to use her clothes but I was able to use my extra shirt. There wasn’t a good airconditioning at Naia Immigration and I was sweating as we head to our gate for boarding. Good thing I have an extra shirt so I was able to change before boarding.

5. Breastfeed or give a bottle during take off and landing. This was an advice given to me by another mom. This helps relieve the pain from pressure. If your child is old enough for chewing gums, let her have one. As for you, just keep yawning. That will do the trick.

6. Book a midnight flight. Again, it depends on your kid. If she mostly sleeps very deep, this would be a good idea. But if she’s a light sleeper, then the idea of turbulence, on and off lights and the captain speaking may irritate her and do more harm than good.

 photo image.jpg1_zpskfq15gyg.jpg
These are actually things you would bring on a normal day out with the kids but just in case you need reinforcement, this list could help!

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Hello From Singapore!

The past few months had been quite busy. My husband took a 2 week holiday during Christmas and we were always going somewhere during those days.. EVERYDAY! We’ve had 3 staycations in 3 cities in the past 2 months which you could read about here and here. I haven’t blogged about the one in Tagaytay though.

After the holiday was over, we got busy with preparing for my husband’s departure to Singapore. Huhuhu… This also meant we leave our house temporarily to move to my mom’s house. Hubby doesn’t want me to stay there with Natalie on our own. So our house is now being taken cared of by our lovely neighbor.

And then when he left, it was my turn to prepare for our trip to Singapore which would happen a few weeks after he left. And that is my first update. As I write this, I am enjoying a month long vacation in Singapore with the Little Girl. We were supposed to just be here for 2 weeks but Daddy couldn’t take it so he said we just rebook our ticket and stay for 2 more weeks!

We haven’t gone anywhere actually. Haha.. We just went to some malls nearby, parks, playground, etc. the past few days. We are all coughing and sneezing so we need some rest. And Natalie seems to be adjusting so we’re taking it one day at a time. We couldn’t go to more than 2 MRT stations without her crying! She doesn’t like the MRT. Haha..

 photo image.jpg1_zps6y7azhs3.jpg

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen it already… I now have pink hair. Yeah, PINK! Hahaha.. My mom gave me a “what are you thinking?” kind of look when I told her I wanted to color my hair pink. She thought it was a ridiculous idea. But when I had it done she was like… “I think I want to color my hair red” hahah.. MOTHERS! My sister also approved of my new hair color. And I swear I’m loving it!

And boy, it looks normal here. Walking just one block away, I bumped into people who had violet, green, red hair! How awesome is that huh?

 photo image.jpg2_zpsha7i9r9f.jpg
So there… That’s my update for you guys!

How are you????? I will be hopping over your blogs in a while and spy on you. Lol.. I wonder what’s up with you =)

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Fighting Battles in 2015

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. Definitely not my 2015. Sharing with you an entry on my diary when I celebrated my birthday last year.


2015 is by far the toughest year of my life. I felt so weak physically, emotionally and spiritually. I had never felt this lonely in my entire life. Psalm 119:28 was the constant cry of my heart.

“My heart is weary with sorrow, STRENGTHEN me according to your word.”

But in spite of my doubts and unfaithfulness, the Lord’s love for me never run out. He waited until I’ve stopped wrestling and finally gave way to healing. 2 Timothy 2:3 was a powerful verse that brought me to my knees.

“Endure hardship with us like a GOOD SOLDIER of Jesus Christ.”

Oh boy, I hadn’t been that at all!

As I celebrate the 32nd year of my life, I want to thank the Lord for the second chance. The second chance to endure hardship and be a good soldier. Although I can say I am totally out of depression (finally!), I still have battles to fight every single day! But I want to respond differently this time. I want to fight. I will fight. I will fight like a good soldier should.

I thank God for all those people who stood by me, who encouraged me, who did not judge me, who prayed for me, who listened to me and did not lecture me. I thank the Lord for giving me a patient and understanding husband who unconditionally loved me not because of but inspite of, for always rescuing me in those times I wanted to give up on life.

I know there will be more hardships to come. But I pray that I would overcome!

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When God Allows Rape

When I learned from that Joy Mendoza will be releasing a book, I was giddy with excitement. I have been a follower of her blog and have been very blessed by her writings and I’m pretty sure I will learn a lot from her book too. I sure did!

 photo image.jpg1_zps1hc4hoca.jpg

Background. As many of you know, she is a pastor’s kid who at the age of 16 together with her 2 friends had been raped by a brood of gunmen who tried to rob their house. It was a brutal way to enter adolescense but by God’s grace, she and her family found healing and forgiveness.

What’s in the book. She shared a brief account of the incident in one chapter but mostly it was the healing process. She also shared about how she and her husband, Edric, became a couple. You will also find here how her parents dealt with what happened. Learning one of your daughters had been raped is definitely heart piercing.

Who is the book for. If you had been molested, raped or wronged in any way, you should definitely grab this book. Even if you aren’t, you will still be blessed by this book.

My opinion. I have been touched in a deep way by how she had handled the situation. It’s no joke to be robbed of your virginity by 6 men! I am in awe at how she coped with it. Only by God’s grace! I am inspired to have such faith. Faith that no matter how bad things go, I will still honor Jesus with my life.

Favorite part. My favorite part was the personal account of Deonna Tan Chi somewhere at the end of the book. This verse has spoken to me in such a special way. Satan kills and destroys but Jesus was born so we will have eternal life. Satan meant to destroy their faith but it boomeranged back to him because they came out stronger.

This book I think only costs P100 or so. (My mom got it as a gift and I borrowed it hehe) Quick read and very inexpensive. If you know anyone who needs some uplifting, this is a good book to give!

What have you been reading these days?

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He Can Catch You When You Fall

My sweet husband gifted me this book on New Year’s Day. This is the life story of Mirriam Quiambao. I was so engrossed in it that I finished it in 2 days! It is probably 200 or 300 pages long. Definitely not a quick read. But it’s so intriguing that I finished it so fast! My husband found me in the middle of the night squeezing myself near the lamp stand holding this book. Haha… It is a very detailed account of her life from the time she took home the 1st runner up Ms Universe crown in 1999 to the time she got married, got divorced and remarried.

 photo image.jpg2_zpshuhfqkvk.jpg

What I think about it. I have no idea how she had garnered such courage to share all that she had shared in her book. It’s just so honest and I love it! She has had so many ups and downs but she courageously faced all her problems head up. And of course in the end, she found one true love in Jesus! You will love how her love story with her husband (Ardy Roberto) took place. She inspired me to be more specific in my prayer life. It’s so nice when you see answered prayers unfold. Kilig moments!

Who is this for. For everyone! Not just a selected few. Whether you are an aspiring beauty queen, failed by love and praying for a lifetime partner, you’ll learn a lot from it.

I really enjoyed reading the book! Probably because I can ABSOLUTELY relate with the loneliness she felt during her first marriage. You know, when you have everything any wife would want but at the end of the day, you are still feeling lonely. That! Unless you get to that point you probably would never understand what it is like.

Overall, I think it’s a good read. Like what I said, it’s very detailed. You can vividly imagine the scenes. You’re just like reading a novel or watching a good movie.

How about you? Do you like reading autobiographies? (I do!)
What’s your favorite?

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