How To Be A Submissive Wife

During one Sunday Service at church, our pastor candidly talked about wife’s submission to husbands. As always, there were whispers of laughter since it’s a topic most wives evade! One particular older woman in church didn’t seem to be bothered at all in the idea of submission. In fact, she was quick to admit that she isn’t that kind of wife and her husband is not someone worthy of submission. I felt rather strange because she isn’t just anyone in church. She is active in the ministry. She is seen mostly in church activities. And she’s definitely someone younger women are looking up to.

I will be first to admit that submission didn’t come naturally to me. It took a couple of years before the struggle to be in control slowly subsided. I can attest that it was only through God’s help. Along the way, here are some of the things God taught me so I could be the kind of wife my husband longs to have.

1. Pray for your heart. Change from the inside. There is no magical 1-2-3 steps to be a submissive wife. It takes a change of heart. And who else can help us with this change except the One who created us. Sincerely pray that God would help you be submissive. Know that God is your source of strength. He can help you!

2. Don’t react. Just smile. I think most women are wired to be a controller. However, the moment you said “I do” you also signed a contract that says you will be subject to your husband. Now he is in control! As a head of the family, you can show respect to him by not blatantly negating him. Don’t ever nag! Let your emotions subside first before talking to your husband. His decision may seem ridiculous or just plain wrong. But DON’T immediately negate him. Choose to shut your lips and smile. Then….. go to God and pray!!!!! Like, immediately! Tell God how you feel and let His will be done.

3. Choose to see what he’s doing right than the things he’s done wrong. Leadership isn’t in born for most men. Give him the chance to learn. Sometimes that means… through making mistakes. And if ever he did make a big mistake, pat him at the back and say “Tomorrow will be better!” Be his number 1 cheerleader!

My most glorious moment as a wife was that same Sunday. When we left the church, he hugged and told me. “I’m so glad I have a submissive wife.” I wiped my tears and thanked the Lord. I knew He was at work in me.

Do you consider yourself as a submissive wife? 
In what ways can you be more submissive?

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Resolving Conflict With Your Spouse

Our very first fight after giving birth happened over the weekend. Our relationship is mostly filled with laughter and happy moments. But like any other couples, we aren’t perfect and sometimes we also snap! And that’s what happened last Saturday.

Little munchkin surprised mom and dad with an early morning poop… on my shirt, on her bed and her diaper. What a great way to start the morning, huh? I cleaned her up and decided to not just clean up the mess she created but do the entire laundry including our clothes and her cloth diapers. This did not delight my sweetheart. He told me a week back that Saturday is a no-chores day. I forgot, okay. I’m a mom and I just wanted to get things done. That’s it.

Kind as he was, he still helped me out. Half way through, he got mad and said. “Didn’t I say, Saturday mornings are supposed to be family time?” I know! I just forgot! My anesthesia made me forgetful! (Passing on the blame!)

An entire hour passed without us talking. Until he came up to me and hugged me, asking sorry for being hot-tempered. I know it was my fault but I was hurt too. Anyhow, I hugged him back and cried.

So, how to resolve your conflict with your spouse?

Be humble and admit your mistake. Something that my sweet husband demonstrated. I should have been the one to say sorry first because he made it clear that Saturday is family bonding time, but my anesthesia, my wanting to have an orderly household took precedence instead of wanting to spend quality time with my most precious treasures.

Keep communication lines open. Something I did not mention, I have been harboring bad feelings against Hubby. It has accumulated because I haven’t been telling him. So when we had that conflict on Saturday, it was hard for me to humble myself and apologize. I learned I should be more open to him.


Although it wasn’t a pleasant morning, I’m glad it happened because it renewed our commitment to love each other unconditionally in spite of simple irritability.

How do you resolve conflict with your spouse?

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All Mommy Wants Is…

Over lunch, I received a message from my husband asking how we were doing at home. This is what I told him.

Just fine. Just finished shower and haven’t brushed my hair. My hair is now dripping over my back. And I didn’t have the time to even dry my legs because your daughter has been crying so loud!

This is the life of a mom! 

I told him all I wanted was to have a body scrub because I feel like I haven’t been cleaning myself well enough lately. Lol.. I swear, this motherhood thing is… very challenging! (I’m still laughing as I type this.)

Apart from that body scrub, I’d looooove to go shopping! =D Who doesn’t? And since tbdress has a Christmas sale, I probably would go check out stuff in here: Since I know I can’t go out of the house longer than an hour because my little one will cry and look for her momma in a matter of seconds! Online shopping is my savior! Christmas sale is even better! =D


Also, I told you I wanted some boots so I probably would put boots in my wish list. I could find some on sale here: Hooray!

One last thing I really wish to do is to travel! I was chatting with my sister the other day and how I really long to fly to Japan and see her family especially my very cute nieces and nephew. It’s been a long time plan to visit them but it hasn’t pushed thru! The latest plan was to visit them this year or next, but then I got pregnant so we thought we’d wait a while before I travel and probably bring my kiddo along with hubby instead of just me travelling.

When will I be able to do all these??? I hope soon! Oh, please don’t think I am complaining! Just… venting. Haha…

What were things you really wanted to do after being a mother?


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We are…

… a Breastfeeding

 photo Photoon2014-09-22at1419_zpsbdc811bd.jpg

 photo 3_zps3a09ec53.jpg
and Cloth Diapering Family!

 photo 4_zps51ac74a0.jpgAnyone else here who’s in the team?


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7 Things I Learned After Being a Mom

It’s been more than a month since this journey called “motherhood” started. This phase of my life changed me in so many ways. There are so many things I have learned and if you are a mom reading this, I bet you will be able to relate to this list!

1. Eat with one hand. After a few days of  eating with one hand, I think my left hand have mastered doing anything my right hand could do, not just eating. I mean everything. I could blog with one hand, update my Facebook account, read, write my “today’s to-do list” and many more!

2. Go about my day without brushing my hair. The other day, I woke up wondering. Did I brush my hair yesterday?! Lol! I would mostly go out of the bathroom rushing to my crying baby. I have to tie my hair so they wouldn’t irritate her and forget all about brushing my hair until I fall asleep. I seriously need a haircut! Wash and wear style!

3. Laugh while cleaning someone else’s poop. Who enjoys washing soiled diapers? I don’t! But Natalie’s poop makes us all laugh. It’s like a pooplosion! There is soooo much that the diaper can’t contain it. One time, her poop squirted out of her nappy and ended up in her dad’s shirt. Haha!

4. Smile even when your nipples hurt. I DO NOT understand why my daughter bites me every time she finishes nursing. She would bite my nipples and eject it with her tongue. I just don’t understand. And it hurts so bad I sometimes yell. Anyone else experiencing this?

5. Pick things up using my foot. I know, I know you find it gross. But when you are holding something with one hand and holding a baby with the other and need to pick something up, all you have left is your feet! You better make use of your resources. Haha..

6. Step out of the shower half wet. So like what I told you, after shower I always come out of the bathroom rushing! And when I do, sometimes, I’m not even done drying my entire body. Ohh, motherhood!

7. Wake up every hour and fall back to sleep again within one minute. I wear I thought this was never possible. I’m the type who would take time to fall asleep once I wake up. But not now! I think my day is too tiring that my body just longs to rest at night!

Although it gets pretty tough sometimes, these adjustments don’t seem to matter whenever I see this cute little cuddly baby….


What have you learned since you became a mom?
Can you relate to any of these?

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