Today Abraham Died

It breaks my heart to read about the death of Abraham. But of course, death is an inevitable destination for everyone including people we read in the Bible! I felt a lot closer to him and his wife Sarah after more than a month of reading about his life, his faithfulness and God’s promise. His life resonated a life of falling, standing again, falling again and yes standing again. He made public mistakes but he also made public declarations of his bold faith to God.

With all the chapters dedicated to retelling his life, these are lessons that stayed in my heart:

1. Have a rock solid faith in God. We were introduced to Abraham through God’s promise of giving him an offspring and making him the father of all nations. But there’s a catch… He was commanded to leave his home country and go to the place God tells him to go. No other instructions. We all know that without thinking twice, he packed his bags and left. I’m still in awe of his response after reading this passage more than a dozen times. Often, I’m left frozen and scared when God tells me to do something not knowing what the result will be. But God had proven many times over that when He leads me to do or go somewhere, it always has the best outcome.

2. He fulfills His promise. When they were promised a child, both Sarah and Abraham were stunned and pretty clueless how this will ever materialize. It seemed more like a dream than a reality. But after years of waiting, it did happen! I still have prayers left unanswered. I know that in God’s time, in God’s perfect situation, He will fulfill His promise. Until that day, I will not lose faith and have an expectant heart.

3. God has an amazing plan in store for you just like Abraham. God is an awesome writer and until we let Him write our story, we will never experience the fullness of this life. I know that 100% because even when I slip away, He uses my mistakes to create a more beautiful story in the end. Abraham made a handful of mistakes throughout his life. Even a faithful servant of God is humanly imperfect. But at the end of it all, his mistakes became a part of a beautiful story that God weaved.

Someday, I will also die. That could be tonight or 40 years from now. Who knows? I pray that through my life, God’s faithfulness shine bright just like in the life of Abraham.

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Dave’s Playhouse SM Southmall

I have known Dave’s Playhouse for many years. We frequent the place when my niece was still a toddler and she’s now a teenager! Now it’s my daughter’s turn to play here.
 photo image.jpg2_zps7nodkkqt.jpg

When we entered, the first thing to notice is the price. Haha! What else would a mom first notice? Lol it’s double the price of other kid’s place. However, you will quickly learn why they charge this much.

Security. Nothing else ever matters more than security. No matter how nice or inexpensive a playhouse is, any mom would without a doubt choose one that is more secure. Whoever sent the kid there should be the one to fetch her because the mom or guardian’s fingerprint will be scanned. This makes sure your kids are safely playing inside and no random goon will kidnap your toddler. I know that sounds mean but nowadays, you just need to be extra careful.

Price. When I checked the other play area, their unlimited play is around 200 to 250. But for Dave’s, unlimited play is a whopping P450. Sidenote: When Natalie is old enough, I’d gladly pay this much in exchange of a nice date night with Hubby! But for now, an hour of play worth P220 would be ok. I hope I got the price right. What I’m sure of is that you pay P90 for an additional 30 minute play.

Facility. Lovely would be the word I would describe it! My daughter played on her own and Gracie (my mommy friend who was with me that time) and I were able to successfully have a meeting while our kids are playing. There’s a slide, a pool of balls, hospital room, hotel room, kitchen, dressing area and many more! I swear any kid would love this place.

 photo image.jpg1_zpswfukzbxo.jpg

Staff. Something silly happened to me. I was carrying a cardigan that I placed on top of my bag. A few minutes later my cardigan was out of sight. I asked the staff to help me find it which she gladly did but it was nowhere to be found. Let’s blame that to anaesthesia upon giving birth, Mommy became very forgetful. Gracie said I might have placed it inside my bag. Only to find out it’s really there hahaha. The staff has been very helpful too in many ways: making sure kids are safely playing, secured our shoes, helped put on socks to our kids, etc.

Overall, it was a great first time experience for Natalie. I’m sure she’s looking forward to playing there again.

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4 Things God Taught Me About My Hatred Towards Duterte  

I do not share the same opinion with many of my friends who have shown tremendous support to the “former” mayor. I have no tolerance for his disrespect for women. I so hate him that I’m ready to spit on his face when I see him face to face. I have zero respect for this man. When I saw the news about him being so proud to be a womanizer, kissing a fan on a campaign and joking about getting a chance to “rape” an Australian missionary, wow.. This man does not deserve an ounce of respect. You NEVER EVER joke about rape. NEVER.

But what can I do? The people of the Philippines is desperate for change. And maybe… just maybe.. this old man with loose morals can headstart a better version of our country. (I still doubt it and I can go on and on. But this isn’t a post about that.)

In the weeks of the campaign, my Facebook Feed is plagued with all sorts of support from this man and I can only sigh. What in the world! In spite of my wanting to share my disgust with this man, God used this situation to teach me these 4 things:

1. Never talk about politics at home. You know what they say? Never talk about religion and politics at home. I had never taken this to heart until recently when my husband and I almost ended up with a heated argument because of Duterte. My husband is a huge supporter of Digong and in my despair, I asked . “Can you just not vote for Duterte? I hate that guy.” And he went on to explain to me why he is the “man” for the job. And while he is speaking, there were soooooo many things I wanted to tell him but I chose to keep quiet. My face was turning red and I could start saying curses any minute! Thank the Lord’s intervention and my husband’s calm spirit. “We need to stop talking about this.” I said. And we just moved on and talked about our impending vacation instead! Haha.. So there, we both slept well while still holding on to different opinions.

2. In your anger, do not sin. (Ephesians 4:26) I have in many many many instances wanted to post a shout out on Facebook about how much I hate Duterte. But many times over, God had stopped me from doing so because it won’t result to anything good. I will just stumble others with my words (knowing I will use words in an angry tone). It will stir up my anger even more.

3. Love your enemies. (Matthew 5:44) Isn’t God funny? This is what appeared on my Daily Bible Verse this afternoon. Why oh why! I literally laughed after reading the verse. Again, God reminded me to keep cool on the situation. =) How can I ever love a president like Duterte? Only by God’s grace.

4. Submit to authority. (Romans 13:1-5) And last but not the least…. Submit to authority. What can I do? If he officially becomes the president, he indeed is an authority – the highest authority in the country and I should give him due respect because it was God who placed him in the palace.

Can I tell you honestly? I don’t hate him as much now. I still dislike him. I’m not sure I will ever like him. But God had changed my attitude towards him. I realized that no matter how much we disliked the situation we are in (or a person, in my case), we need to trust in God, search the Word for counsel and do the right thing always! Keep calm and do not open your mouth.

How about you? Is there anything you learned from all these crazy politics bashing here and there during the campaign?

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The Power of Modelling

Mommies have the greatest influence in their children’s lives especially if they are a full time mommies. You never know what habits your kids are picking up from you. This could be a good and a bad thing so mommies should be extra careful! It could be a make or break thing.

Lately, I’ve been noticing Natalie imitate my every move. She’s also such a fast learner now. She could easily learn anything I teach her — moves from a new song, new tricks or even a simple chore like picking up trash and putting them in the bin!

The other day, I saw her get my feminine wash and try to use it! What? Haha.. Before (even until now, she would get my makeup, foundation, etc and would put them on her face. Her favorite is my eyelash curler. Oh, little girls! After bath, she would go straight to a corner to get my moisturizer and lotion, give it to me and signal me to put some on her too. Notoriously vain just like momma!

And did I tell you, her favorite toys include: pen, paper and calculator. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be a writer or a businesswoman someday! She would sometimes get my phone and pretend to talk to somebody. And I often imagine her talking to a client or a supplier. She’s such a darling I tell you.

But it’s not all this good..

Sometimes (ok, many times), I get pissed off when she doesn’t want to eat or when she gets really playful during bathtime and when I put her to bed. I am not going to sugarcoat it but most times out of frustration, I yell or  roll my eyes at her. And it scares me… It scares me because I know she’s picking that up too — the yelling and the rolling of my eyes.

When we were at the playground, there was a boy who accidentally bumped Natalie. It wasn’t painful or anything, just a light collision of two playful toddlers. But this boy’s older brother wouldn’t tolerate this. He got mad at him and said in a strong powerful voice, “Say sorry to the girl now. Hey you.. I’m talking to you. Say sorry to the girl now!” For a moment, I froze. He looks like a mother speaking. I imagine their mom telling them those words. I wondered how Natalie would react if she were the boy. Would she get mad? Ignore the situation? Cry? Or yell and roll her eyes?

 photo 20160417_140826.jpg
Motherhood is only by God’s grace! I know I have said that over and over but really.. it is! I can only hang on to Jesus as to how I raise my daughter. I am an imperfect servant who sins every day. I pray that God would help me be more patient and humble and show Natalie a good example of Christ-likeness.

What are some tricks your toddler can do now? 
What habits is your kid picking up from you?

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Great Cloth Diaper Change 2016

Last year, I had the chance to join the Great Cloth Diaper Change. It was thrilling to meet fellow moms who were equally giddy about breastfeeding, babywearing and cloth diapering. I know that looks backwards for others since it is more convenient to give formula milk, use a stroller or buy a disposable diaper. I do get a bit of quirky look every time I mention our “natural parenting” methods so it was quite awesome to meet lots and lots of mommies in one event who believe in the same principles that I believe in.

This year was another year of gathering for moms to participate in The Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) which was put together by South PiNanays (SPiN). Unfortunately I was overseas so I wasn’t able to join the fun! It was held at Festival Mall, Alabang last April 23, 2016. It was a success with 69 mommy and baby pairs who simultaneously changed baby diapers to enter the Guinness World Record for the ‘most cloth diapers changed’ at one time. This event was done in partnership with Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays (MCNP), Breastfeeding Pinays, Mommy Talk Philippines, and Newlyweds@Work.

 photo 13100861_1726931234192298_6928376441155785589_n.jpg

The GCDC is an annual worldwide event created by the Real Diaper Association that aims to spread awareness about the benefits of cloth diapering, advocating cloth diapers as an environment-friendly choice for families. This year, there were 235 registered GCDC events in 19 countries, eight were held in the Philippines, one of which was the SPiN event in Alabang.

 photo 13119114_1726937857524969_1667657053277855323_n.jpg

Aside from the actual diaper change, there was also a mini-bazaar featuring small mom-owned businesses that offered family-friendly products. There were also talks about cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and oral care and dental health for children. There were also free fluoride applications for the kids and free haircuts for the mommies and daddies. Lots of raffle and game prizes were given away throughout the day. Sponsors for the SPiN GCDC were Festival Mall, David’s Salon, Sylergy, Sydenase, Tempra, Green Cross, Zonrox, PeeWee Explorers, The Nest, Kidsmile Pediatric Dental Clinic, and Ingente-Valencerina Photography.

 photo 13076912_1726934427525312_572833249881056806_n.jpg

About SPiN (
Established in October 2013 and officially registered as an NGO last July 2015 as South PiNanays Women Empowerment, Inc. (SPiN), it is mainly a breastfeeding and parenting support group for mothers and families living in Parañaque, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Quezon. The group aims to educate, support, and empower the community, one baby, one mom, one family at a time.

Photo Credit: Ingente-Valencerina Photography

Would you consider switching from disposables to cloth diapers?

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