My View on the Josh Duggar Scandal

I know the news on Ashley Madison Scandal had already subsided by now. But I just can’t shake it off my head and I just had to share with you my view on it especially on Josh Duggar and other Christians whose names surfaced during the peak of the controversy.

I have learned about the Duggars way before we had Natalie but then I kind of researched their family while I was pregnant because I so want to have a big family (before!) and I wonder how Michelle and Jimbob actually raised godly kids with Christian values.

And then this scandal happened…

Whatever happened to the years of molding Michelle did during their homeschooling? Not only did Josh Duggar cheat on his wife, he also molested girls including his own sisters. Say what?

(1) This made me realize that we really are sinful people living in a sinful world. No matter how much we show love, compassion and Christ-likeness to our children, eventually they will be exposed to sin and they will have to choose whether they follow the call of their flesh or obey Jesus. Do I allow Satan to get hold of me by allowing and tasting temptation? This is your child’s battle and your salvation as parents cannot be passed on to your children. Again, your children have to choose for themselves. (Just clarifying, I’m not saying Josh is not a believer. I’m just saying children will have their own struggles and stand up for their own faith.)

(2) As I study Jesus’ life, I noticed how compassionate and forgiving He is to sinful people — to the tax collectors, to Mary Magdalene, etc. He never spit on their faces, judged their sinfulness and highlighted His own righteousness. He forgave. But then did you also notice that God despised the Pharisees? Those people who were living a “righteous” life on the outside but filled with filth on the inside? He just loathes these people completely! He hates those people who appears to be so good but doesn’t really follow God with their hearts. Remember, God looks at the heart. He sees not what man sees. He sees our hearts. Was Josh one of the Pharisees? Yes. When he was still living in sin while he was serving in ministry. But when all his secrets came to light, he admitted he was a hypocrite. And I believe that now that the secret is out and that he was apologetic of what happened, crushed in spirit and shameful, I believe he is now a Mary Magdalene, a Matthew or a Zacchaeus. (That is if he really is regretful. And God only knows that.)

(3) Lastly, is there any part in the Bible that says, if a person did so and so to you, do not forgive the person. Mmm.. I’m not sure. I believe God wants us to forgive. Now I am not his sisters or Anna and I know how hard it would be to actually forgive his act of molestation and cheating really. If this was done to my daughter, oh boy, I wouldn’t know how to respond. But in the Bible God wants us to forgive, extend grace. For us who are not even part of the situation, I don’t think we have the right to judge and pinpoint Josh’ sinfulness. Yes, obviously he made a mistake. A big mistake at that! But these mistakes weren’t even done to us. So let us not make it any harder for a person who had failed miserably. Let us extend grace just as Christ extends it to us. Am I saying that we should allow adultery in marriage? Of course not! The temptation of adultery is very real! And what we can do is go down on our knees and beg God to spare our family from it! But to judge other people, I don’t know. I just don’t think that’s how we should do it.
20150923-124612.jpg To Anna and Josh’s sisters, it might be a different story. They need to ask God’s direction. Is there a chance for a broken marriage to be whole again? Of course! But it takes a lot of prayer, commitment and hardwork. Not to mention… A big chunk of forgiveness. For his sisters, if this is something that chronically happens to them, they should most definitely protect themselves. If they were still living together in one house and the molestation happened more than once then they should never ever be near Josh. Forgiving is one thing but to be a victim again and again and doing nothing is another. So for them, they need to hear from God. Yes, they should forgive whole-heartedly but there are actions they need to take too and that should be prayed for.

I can say all these things because I am sinful and a recipient of God’s extended grace. There was a time in my life I call “Dark Ages”. This was the 2 years in my life after an overseas mission trip (imagine that) that I went astray. I was in sin and slowly fell away from the church. I stopped attending church, stopped serving in ministry and just stopped being used by God altogether. I was just a broken vessel! Until God used someone to get me out of the trap. Even when I was choosing to sin, God never let me go. He pursued me. He loved me. And you know, He forgave me.

That is why I am here to tell you that temptations are real. They are! Instead of belittling a Christian who messed up… extend grace, love and forgive.

PS: I wrote this several weeks ago but didn’t have the time to post it. I don’t want this to go to waste so I’m posting it anyway..

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Longing for Life Online Course

Do you ever find yourself saying,
“I wish I could get my life together”?

God has a purpose for us on this earth, and if we are stuck in past wounds or pain or fear, we are not truly free. When you are healed and free you will bring relief to a weary world…and to your own children.

I’d love for you to journey with me as we long for life…full, faithful, satisfied, unregrettable life. -Sarah Mae

Let me start by saying, this is not a sponsored post. I paid to get access to this course. You know I’m a housewife and although I do freelance work here and there I really make sure I spend on stuff that matters. I’d say this course is worth my time and money.

A couple of months ago, I started praying… “Lord, restore me.” On another occasion, I begged God, “Please help me. I don’t want a wasted life.” I had been very vocal with my struggle as a first time mom. It’s really a roller coaster ride. I can’t thank God enough for giving us Natalie but other times I just want to give up (if only I can). I was stuck, unproductive and yeah depressed.

God has slowly been healing me. I now have a better perspective on motherhood. Even then, I was still hit right at the core in each of the session of Longing for Life.

I enrolled the other day and I was crying my heart out listening to the intro. My goodness…. The course hasn’t even started! The same thing happened on Session 1. I was just crying and crying and crying. Guess what happened while I was listening to Session 2? You are right! More tears!

I am not done yet but I can’t wait to share this with you because maybe, just maybe, like me you are feeling stuck in life with no direction and you just don’t feel like you are living this life fully. You know there are great things you can do but don’t know where to start. You feel like you’ve lost your zest for life, Longing for Life is for you! I really recommend this course. It will bring you freedom. =)

Today, I come out renewed and ready for battle.

I want to share more of what I’ve learned but I don’t want to preempt your sessions so go ahead and click this link and it will get you to the page with more information on Longing for Life.

Interestingly, I’m also reading Sarah Mae’s book now, Desperate. I will share with you about it once I’m done with it. =)

How do you get back on track when you feel a little lost?
What encourages you to move forward when life seems….. Lifeless?!

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Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Last Monday, this cute baby celebrated her first year of life!

Hubby didn’t go to work on Friday till Monday so we had a 4-day celebration of Natalie’s birthday. Such a special kid!

We were out the whole day — breakfast to dinner! So this Momma didn’t cook a single meal that day! Wooohoo! I love to cook but a break from the kitchen once in a while is really great!
20150910-091534.jpgOur lunch at Porkchop Factory

My mom graciously opened her home for Natalie’s birthday. We invited some of our friends and Hubby’s family. It was just a simple celebration but it was very special. =)
My favorite! Natalie went swimming for the first time and wooooooow she loved the water! I can’t really tell who’s happier — Natalie or Mommy who’s watching her every stroke in the water. I swear she’s a pro!!!
Hubby, Natalie and I had lunch at our favorite buffet place — Sambo Kojin. The crew sang her a happy birthday. Haha and we brought home a little cake for her. So sweet.
On Tuesday, we were at my mom’s house the whole day. And Wednesday, I had to catch up on so many things so that’s why it took me sometime to get this post done. Hihi…

Before the night ended, I watched this tear jerker video. Sniff sniff. What a way to wrap up Natalie’s almost weeklong 1st Birthday Celebration.

Well, Happy 1st birthday to me too!

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The Evolution of Souvenirs

When we travel to a new place, I make sure I get a souvenir. I have a collection of key chains, ref magnets and many more of places I’ve been to.

Anything that reminds people of a place visited and the memories associated with it becomes a souvenir. In a way, souvenirs allow people to revisit and keep a connection to their past, to their history. The word souvenir may have its roots in French as a verb for “to remember” and the Latin word subvenire for “come to mind”, but the popularity for souvenirs as keepsakes became an obsession in early American history.

George Washington was a man of many firsts, including perhaps the first object of people’s mania for souvenirs. His home, Mt. Vernon, was pillaged by visitors long before it was opened for public tours in 1860. Splinters of wood from the estate’s buildings, tree twigs, and chiseled concrete were typical mementos people carried off as they left. Washington figures prominently again in the development of souvenirs crafted specifically as keepsakes. Recognizing people’s desire for items to commemorate visits to places of personal significance, and in an effort to keep the structure intact, mass produced mementos were designed for sale when the Washington Monument opened to the public.

Different Souvenirs
People still hunt for and gather natural souvenirs, such as shells along the beach, rocks from a landscape, or flowers along the roadside. But, people don’t normally collect these things from where they live, except perhaps if they take them when moving far away. They are collected from geographical areas visited like a Petoskey stone from the shores of Lake Michigan or a casino chip from Las Vegas. Entrepreneurs quickly became aware of this and began producing item labeled with scenes, location names, and scaled landmark replicas. Universally mass produced souvenir items include shirts, mugs, ashtrays, postcards, and keychains. Particular locations rely on themes to catch the tourists’ eyes. Seaside resort areas use themes, such as shells, buoys, and fishing nets. At any western resort, tourists are sure to find cowboys hats, Native American garb, and wolf or bison figurines. Specific locales, such as Mohonk Mountain House ny will have their logo emblazoned on many different collectibles.

Items and paintings crafted by regional residents are other very popular souvenirs. Quilts, baskets, jewelry, and are some of the more prevalent articles local artisans are sure to produce. When materials native to the area are used in the creations, the pieces hold more meaning as a keepsake. For instance, turquoise jewelry is often associated with the Southwest and cozy front porch rockers with the South. Local scenes painted by local artists or caricatures sketched against a panorama are tourist favorites.

Vacations and trips are often once-in-a-lifetime events. It’s a natural reaction for people to want something tangible to remember it by. Whether the objects are purchased or scavenged from their natural settings, they allow people to carry a little bit of their personal history with them wherever they go.

Do you like buying souvenirs?

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I can’t be any happier!! We went to the doctor this morning and Natalie was cleared with Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease. She apparently didn’t have it.

So this is what happened…

* Her Pedia checked her feet and the rashes were mysteriously gone. She checked her hands and there were none. If it were HFMD, she should have more rashes by now.

* The rashes that developed on her legs were actually insect bites! Toinks..

* Her fever might have been because of teething and not HFMD.

* Her Pedia said it might just be a simple case of mouth sore that coincided with fever (because of teething) and rashes (which were just insect bites). All three combined were symptoms of HFMD.

Sigh of relief!

I’m so glad she is completely well now! The past few days she was sick, it made me rethink about my plans of weaning her from breastfeeding. After what happened, I have decided to breastfeed her until 2 y/o. I truly believe in the power of breastmilk and if this is going to help her be stronger and healthier in the long run then I’m fine with occassional (no, regular!) nipple biting and frequent night wakings. All the best for this Little Princess.
Thank you all for praying for the Little Girl. Now Mommy sleeps in peace!

Good night, everyone! =D

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