Should You Get an Epidural?

On my last post, I shared with you my birthing experience at MCM. While we’re at it, let me follow up that post with my experience getting an epidural.

Hubby and I were very determined to go natural throughout my pregnancy. As much as possible, we don’t want to be induced, have epidural or twilight. No medication at all just like our moms and grandmoms. For a person who’s got a low tolerance for pain, this sounds like hell. But my husband was able to persuade me that I was brave enough to do it so I thought it’s worth the try. However, when we talked to our OB about our plan, she explained to us a few things that made us consider epidural. And it turns out to be a great decision for us!

Here’s my opinion on Epidural:

* I love that it’s pain free! I did feel the contractions before being admitted to the hospital but I was free from the most painful part of childbirth. I did not feel pain during the time I was pushing Natalie. Good for me!
* However, since you don’t feel the pain, you only rely on the doctors to tell you when to push. I was so bad at it that the anesthesiologist had to do fundal push on me to help Natalie come out. I swear I wouldn’t make it without his help!!!
* An extra cost of about Php10-15k was worth it just to skip the pain of childbirth. For some, they would rather feel the pain and save that amount. It’s really a personal preference. My friend who didn’t go for epidural said it was VERY painful. But it was also a tolerable kind of pain. So if you think you’re brave enough, keep that amount and go natural instead.
*Epidural is specially helpful when your doctor starts to do the stitches on you. Since you were drugged (haha) you will not feel the extra pain of being stitched right after childbirth. This was one of my OB’s major concern. She doesn’t want me to be moving and squirming. She was right!

Whatever your preference is, just talk to your dictor about it and be open. Decide based on what is best for you and your baby.

20141215-152522.jpg My cutie pie just 2 days old.

Did you skip medications or had an epidural during your child’s birth?
How was your birthing experience with or without it?

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Giving Birth at MCM

Today is Natalie’s 100 days with us! (Well, not counting the time she was inside my womb.) Because of that, I’m sharing with you my birthing experience at MCM (Medical Center of Muntinlupa). Reminiscing the day I saw Natalie first time exactly 100 days ago!

20141215-144315.jpgMy super reliable OB. I love her!

Hospital fee
One of couples’ main concern about giving birth in a private hospital is the hospital fee! How much is it to give birth at MCM? It depends whether you are having a normal or caesarian delivery. We had a normal delivery and stayed in the hospital for only 24 hours. Our total bill was Php70k. Prepare 8k for a deposit before being admitted. And make sure you have cash for the professional fee. If my memory serves me right, we paid around Php 25k for our OB, 10k for the anaesthesiologist, 5 k for the pedia. So we paid 40k in cash and 30k using our debit card.

Extra hand
When I gave birth, it was just Hubby and I. How I wish we had contacted our parents earlier because he did a lot of errands while I was in labor. It would have been convenient to have someone else around.

Ward, Private Room and Suite
Also, a few friends suggested we get a ward when we get there and transfer to a private room right after I leave the recovery room. Makes sense! Because no one stayed in the room anyway. I was in the delivery room and Hubby was everywhere! Plus, when you stay in a ward, the rest of your bill will be slightly lower than when you are staying at a private room. The cotton balls, alcohol, etc will be cheaper making your total bill lower. Ours was the opposite. There weren’t any rooms available aside from SUITE. Suite my friends! I wanted to stop my contraction and wait until we get a less expensive room! Fortunately, we got to transfer to a private room. Else, we’d be ripped off!!!

Unang Yakap
I was very adamant about Unang Yakap and discussed my desire to exclusively breastfeed our baby. So I was able to latch immediately after she was born! Hoooray! The nurses were also informed so they didn’t ask us for a bottle. I made it clear to Hubby that he will NOT buy formula milk if he was asked to.

Overall, it was a great experience at MCM. I love my OB. My pedia was very warm. The anaesthesiologist was specially helpful. The resident OB was very kind to me. All the rest of the nurses were very helpful too. I could give birth here again =)

Where did you give birth?
Did you have a good experience in that hospital?

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Reminiscing My Wedding

Marriage and weddings are two of my favorite things! Yesterday, I have a friend who just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. And this week alone, I have 2 other friends who got married! I am super happy for these 3 couples! This made me reminisce my own wedding 4 years ago…

I love every part of our wedding. I love its being simple yet memorable. I love that everyone is relaxed and just enjoying our celebration.

I specifically wore a short wedding dress because I’m simply an out of the ordinary kind of woman. God must have had this in mind so he gave me an equally eccentric husband. He agreed to wear jeans on our wedding day. Isn’t he so cool? It was such a relaxing event!

I did have a hard time finding my dream gown. In fact I had to have my gown made twice. (The first one I didn’t use. The story behind that here.) hHad I known there were several choices online, I would have spent lesser time on gown hunting. A site called would give you a wide array of gowns!

Here’s a nice dress you might be intersted in.


Since I knew I’d wear a tube dress, I tried to lose some pounds before the big day. But if you still want to hide your belly, that dress would be perfect. you can find more dresses similar to that here at

Next year, we are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Hooray! We don’t have concrete plans yet but we are already talking about our options. I’m sooooo excited!!!

What type of gown did you wear on your wedding day?
Did you have it made by a couturier or ordered a ready to wear gown?

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Lace Dresses for Moms

I received my early Christmas gift from hubby last week — shopping spree!!! I bought several pieces and most of them came in Large sizes. Ouch! I really need to cut down on sweets and increase my fruit + veggie intake. This will be first on my list for my New Year’s Resolution, I swear! Haha..

Anyway, apart from the tank tops and shirts I bought I also want to buy some lace dresses which could be a great outfit for a date night with Hubby. has exactly what I wanted! These dresses were the ones I’d pick:

Black to me has always been a color of elegance. This black dress is a perfect wear for a dinner date with Hubby. I would match this with red shoes and hand bag to add some color.

20141212-091312.jpgBuy it here.

Being a mommy should never be a reason for us to take ourselves forgranted. This white long sleeved dress is a great go to outfit when you are going to a school affair with your kid. Just be ready for some heads turning and asking you if your daughter is just your sister! My mom gets this a lot! She’s a true blooded fashionista!

20141212-091530.jpgBuy it here.

Although I would most likely go for black and white dresses, this blue green dress would be my next option. I love the color!

20141212-091703.jpgBuy it here.

Don’t you just love all those dresses? Well, since Christmas is just a couple of weeks away, you may find some more stuff on sale for your mom, sister or yourself at

Do you usually dress up when you go on a date with Hubby or when you go with your kid to school?

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How Do You Define Success?

When our pastor asked who are some people we know are successful, I immediately thought of the last success story I’ve read. It’s a rags to riches story of a factory worker who became a millionaire through her hardwork. I would classify her as a successful person.

The next quetion our pastor asked was, who are some people you consider good? Mmm.. My friend who shared the gospel to me. The author of the book I’m reading now (her only son was imprisoned for murder but still managed to be faithful to God). That businessman who lost his son tragically. And to recover, he sent his 4 other children with her wife for a vacation. Unfortunately, the other 4 tragically died too on the way to the vacation. Only his wife survived. In spite of that, he still worshipped God. Those faithful souls to me are good.

Then our pastor asked why is it that our answers for the 2 questions are different — one that is successful and one that is good. That’s because we define success as achievement in business, above average kind of living or being able to travel the world. That’s not how God defines success.

I was taken aback because just a few days ago, I had an almost heated argument with Hubby. I shared with him my intention to work. He asked me why. I said because I wanted to make more money. I was just being honest. Actually… we have enough money. In fact, we have more than enough, much more than we need. But my prideful heart wants to buy a new car now. I want to go on an overseas trip now. I want to renovate our house now. I can’t wait for next year. I want them NOW. I tend to equate financial prosperity to success.

If I were successful in business but don’t have a heart of obedience to God, it’s worthless. If I make a lot of money but don’t have God as my priority, it’s not worth it. If I could afford anthing I want but am not faithful to God, it means nothing. There is nothing wrong with doing well in biz or making money but if all these would take precedence in my heart then I am headed the wrong direction. Seeking and worshipping God should be my priority. And whether or not we be able to buy or do things I want to do, they won’t define whether our family is successful or not. My faithfulness to God will.

Throughout the sermon, I felt like God was directly speaking to me. 2015 is about to start. I don’t want to just achieve my goals. I want to do God’s will in my life. I don’t want to just be successful in the world’s standard. I want to be faithful to God’s mission and purpose for my life. And I hope someday, God will tap my shoulder and tell me, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

How do you define success? Would you consider faithfulness to God a success story?

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