10 Decisions Every Parent Should Make

Nothing excites me more than having a new book to read! I got this book from NoQ store about a month ago but did not get the chance to read it immediately because I have plenty of books to read!

bill and pam

I told you how I’d been feeling anxious about having a child. And if you’ve been following my blog, you know I’d been vocal about that for many years now. Learning about my pregnancy came as a surprise to us but of course we are more than glad and happy for her arrival. It’s just that… I feel anxious once in a while especially now that she can come anytime soooon! Well, this book has given me more confidence in raising our soon-to-be daughter.

Authors. Pam and Bill Farrel are a married couple (with 3 boys) who’ve written many bestsellers already. I tend to be very loyal when I find an author whom I can really connect with. They are one of them. I felt so at ease with them. Reading their book makes me feel like they are my real life mentors.

Style of writing. I think we have the same style of writing. They share a lot of stories. Stories of their own struggles and triumphs in raising their kids and stories of their friends who’ve hang on in spite of hard times. As a reader, I learn more when stories are shared. So that’s a big plus for this book.

What I learned. A LOT! Really, I learned a lot from them. They passed on a lot of ideas on how to teach a child how to be honorable to God. I used to ask myself, what if I mess up? What if one of our kids become a black sheep? Will I ever be a good mom in the first place? After reading this, I had hope that parenting can be done you know. I shouldn’t be scared because I can partner with a big God who just happens to be the owner of this universe. How can I be afraid?

It’s such an encouraging book. It’s not a how to or a long list of what you should do to be perfect parents. It’s a book of honest to goodness approach in parenting.

Verdict. I recommend this book!

Special thanks to NoQ Store for sending me this book to review ^_^ 

Do you have other parenting books to share?
What did you learn? Care to share?

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Tips in Choosing a Dress For Flat-Chested Women

It’s Monday again! How was your weekend? I went to a Dedication party of my friend’s son. (Will share with you more about it on my next post) It wasn’t a very formal party but of course I did want to look nice. I have very limited wardrobe right now. I’m glad I still have some nice dresses left in my closet that fit me. ^_^

Mmmm… I want to share with you a little secret. My one insecurity. I’m flat-chested.

I’ve been teased all my life because of this. And I know I’m not alone! Most women lose confidence in wearing their dresses because they are flat-chested. Lucky me, at least for 9 months, I could enjoy some pregnancy hormones that boosts my flat-chest. But then again, after giving birth, I know I’ll be back to having my normal size. So….. what to do now? Here are some things I do on how I could look my best even without a bigger bra size! =D

1. Don’t use tube dresses. Opt for one shoulder dress instead. You don’t want to be pulling your tube dress every 5 minutes. *awkward*

 photo 1_zpsd848d540.jpg

2. Wear a curvy dress. It will emphasize your dress instead of your flat chest.

 photo curvt_zpsbac33a4b.jpg

3. Accentuate your wardrobe by wearing a backless gown. This will put your friend’s attention to how nice you carry your evening dress than your small bust.

 photo redbacklessgown_zpscff3a914.jpg

4. Use the help of silicon! Don’t be embarrassed to use one. No one will ever know, right? In fact, they may just compliment you for a nice dress. =)

5. Smile and be confident! Try not to mind your flat chest because the more you show your insecurity, the more people will notice it. So just chill and enjoy the party!

These fabulous cheap evening dresses can be found on: http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Evening-Dresses-4353/

Which of these tips are most helpful for you?
Do you also have the same problem as mine?
Oh please, tell me I’m not alone in this! Lol…

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Date Night at Bellevue

Hubby and I have weekly date nights. We either eat out or I cook special dinner for us. For this week, for whatever reason (or just plain laziness) I didn’t want to cook. So I gave him a deal. He treats me for dinner and I treat him for dessert… to which he gladly agreed! Haha! Off we went to dinner! Then, the most awaited dessert! =D


We were told by a friend that a hotel nearby have discounts at night.  (Pastry Corner, The Bellevue Manila)  We went there around 8pm and they said that the 20% discount starts at 7pm. But at 9pm, they give 50% off on all pastries, bread, pasta and salad! Of course the frugal me told my husband. We shall return at 9pm then! lol.. Since we’re just a stone’s throw away, we went home first to rest and went back before 9pm. 

pic2Hubby waiting for our turn to ransack the bakery! 

We got Mini Cheesecake for Php 105 (original price is Php 150). They give 30% off on mini cakes. Then, I got Tuna Twist, Php 30 (original price is Php 60). And Chocolate Ensaymada for Php 37.50 (original price is Php 75).

Hubby is a fan of cheesecake so he loooooved it. 

pic 3 cheesecake

As for me, I loved the ensaymada. I wanted the original ensaymada but there was a guy before us who grabbed all of them. Argh! The Tuna Twist is really good. It’s so cheesy and there’s so much tuna! I loved it! I’m going to have this again for sure. 

pic 4

Pastry Corner is open daily from 7am to 10pm. It’s located at the ground floor of the main wing. You’ll actually see it from the outside. Left side as you enter the door.

(Someone returned to The Bellevue Manila the following day!)

Do you have regular date nights with your husband?
Where do you usually go? 

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5 Blogging Tips for Beginners

I realized I’d been blogging for thejourneyofawoman.com since 2010, just a month after I got married! But prior to that, I have had many other blogs too. Way too many! This blog started off as a hobby. I just needed a place to write and as my husband puts it, I need an “outlet”. Little did I know that blogging could actually lead me to many opportunities. So today, I’d like to share with you some things that helped me make this blogging journey a success.

Learn to write good titles. No matter how good your content is, no one will click that link if you don’t have a title catchy enough. Titles with numbers like 5 ways to-, 3 things you should- or how to’s are some great ways to title your posts.

Post regularly. Since I’m just doing this as a hobby or as an outlet, I don’t schedule my posts. I just post when I want to. But if you want to boost your traffic, posting high quality content will attract more readers. Eventually, they will stay with you and in the long run will give you steady traffic.

Have a Facebook FanPage. To be able to drive more traffic to your blog, share your posts regularly on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Having a Facebook Page is also a good thing to do. I have my new posts automatically posted on my Facebook Fanpage (through Networkedblogs). And I share it on Twitter and my personal Facebook account too. (If you have Twitter or Facebook FanPage, post it on the comments section below so we could follow each other.)

Comment on other blogs. The more you comment, the more exposure your blog gets. It is customary that when you comment on other blogs, they would most likely return the favor by commenting on yours. That could be a possible life long readership if your blog is informative enough to keep visitors coming.

Mind your Alexa ranking. I never really knew what Alexa was until I was approached and asked to write an article for this blog with the keyword and link they will provide. Of course, in turn I would be paid. I was asked how much my rate was. Because I didn’t know what to say, I did not reply. Hahaha! I asked my friend how much I should charge for it and she said, I should check my alexa ranking and I gave her a blank stare. lol.. what in the world is that? So upon researching, I learned that Alexa measures the popularity of your site. The lower the number, the better. Mine was like 7 million! And it dropped to 2 million this week. If you want yours to drop fast, try installing the Alexa toolbar and have the Alexa widget installed on your website.

So far, these are all I could think of.

Do you have other tips for aspiring bloggers?
How did your blog get to where it is now?

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Reminiscing our Singapore Travels

I’m officially 34 weeks and 6 days today!!! I could give birth anytime in 2 weeks or so. Pretty exciting weeks ahead! Well, since the hospital where I’m giving birth is quite far from our house, Hubby and I decided to move to a condominium nearer to that hospital. We moved here last Saturday.

This place reminded us a lot about our time in Singapore. The first 3 hours we were here, I couldn’t count how many times we said, “This reminds me of Singapore.” “Oh, just like Singapore.” “Did you remember this when we were in Singapore?” And many more! ^ ^

So today, I thought I’d share with you one of the best experiences we had in Singapore…. OUR TRAVELS! Since it was very convenient to travel from Singapore to wherever we want to go, we have had so many trips within and outside of the country.

Here are my top 3 favorites:

Phuket, Thailand. We went here over the Christmas holiday and it was the most relaxing time of our lives!! Hubby and I stayed for 4 days at a very nice hotel, Chalong Beach Hotel and Spa. I was surprised it wasn’t that expensive. The room was big. It comes with a balcony and an extra bed too (I don’t really know why.) It was worth every penny. The day and night tours we had were also great! (Island Safari, Patong Beach and Coral Island) Most importantly, we had goooood food throughout our stay! I officially love Thai food!


Batam, Indonesia. I also had the chance to participate at an outreach program in Batam with my co-teachers at Lewin. We stayed here for almost a week and taught basic English to grade schoolers in the morning. It was such a meaningful stay. These kids are very sweet and appreciative. Although it was hard and inconvenient, their appreciation for what we did for them dissipates all the stress. ^ ^ I can do this all over again if I can! =)


Pulau Ubin. We had to take a ferry to get here. Not my favorite mode of transportation. Haha! We went bike riding and hiking here with some of Hubby’s friends. It was action packed and I felt like I worked out in the gym the entire day! But it was fun really. If you enjoy outdoor activities, you definitely would enjoy this.

Reminiscing all these makes me want to travel again! (I know I have to wait until I give birth. Argh!) But if you are looking at traveling within or outside Singapore, the Singapore Airlines Krisflyer credit card would definitely do you a lot of good. When you use this credit card, it adds up points for flights. These reward points can be used to get discounts in Singapore shops and restaurants! Isn’t that great?! ^ ^ I always love using rewards points like this because you will be spending anyway, a little rebate in a form of discounts would be awesome, right?

What’s the best place you have ever been to?
Are you planning on traveling soon? Where to?

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