One Thing I Love About Breastfeeding

On the 8th month mark, I almost stopped breastfeeding. I was just done with it. I find it too tiring to breastfeed on demand and I felt like it was the main reason why Natalie isn’t sleeping thru the night (until now at 10 months). But then I also knew that if I stop breastfeeding, I am depriving her of the nutrients she deserves just because I felt tired. And I wasn’t open to that idea. I’d rather be breastfeeding that attending to a sick child.

Giving the best nutrition possible to their babies could be one of the main reasons why mommies choose to breastfeed. Nothing compares to mommy’s milk. I have talked to a dozen pediatrician and all of them advised me not to stop breastfeeding. One of them also said (if I’m not mistaken), breastfed babies have an increased 18 points in their IQ compared to those who are formula fed.

On top of that, you also save tons of money since you don’t really need anything else to be able to produce milk. God already made it ready for baby! This probably is Daddies’ driving force why they support mommies who breastfeed. Hehe..

Now, as for me… one thing I love about breastfeeding apart from the first two I mentioned is…

This is the best and fastest way to call my daughter’s attention.

When I call Natalie and she doesn’t respond (I know she does it intentionally because she would look at me and continue playing), I would pull my blouse up and the moment she saw mommy’s secret weapon, she comes crawling like a Navy Seal in training! Haha! I’m dead serious. It works all the time. My husband and I just love watching her do it that sometimes we intentionally put her across the room and when I call her, she would be by my side in seconds!!

How I LOVE breastfeeding! Lol …

And since I’m a breastfeeding advocate, I am so excited to be participating in a Breastfeeding Awareness Event called Hakab Na! There’s a breastfeeding talk and some activities for kids too. If you are from the South and are interested in joining the event. You can click this link:

Find out more information here:

Also, Kezi Baby is participating in the event by giving away headbands for the raffle. Not just that, if you order now (pay and get the item on the day itself), you’ll get special discounts too!
I hope to see you there!

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3 Steps in Finding your Dream Wedding Gown

Just this afternoon, I received a hosting inquiry for a wedding. I must say I miss my job! I am not able to take all the hosting inquiries due to distance or time availability but it is nice to slowly be back to work.

I remember what it was like to do wedding party preparations and though it can be very tiring, it is definitely exciting! Checking out wedding dresses on Pinterest has been a daily habit!

As for me, there are 3 steps in finding your dream wedding gown:

1. Getting a trusted and reliable couturier or gown supplier. Some people opt to have their gowns made. They have a specific style in mind and want to make that wedding gown a reality. That’s fine if you have the means and if you are really particular about your gown design. But if you are more concerned about the budget and a bit more lenient about the style, then getting a ready to wear gown seems to be a good option. You can either go to a physical store or find beautiful wedding gowns online. Ivory wedding dresses abound at They aren’t just pretty, they always have items on sale. Who knows? You might find just the one for you on the sale items.


2. Finding a style you are comfortable in. I have always been a believer of comfortability. No matter how nice a dress is, I won’t buy it if I don’t feel comfortable wearing it. If you aren’t comfortable showing your arms, don’t wear a sleeveless dress. If you feel that a tube dress would just make you pull your dress up every 5 minutes, then forget the idea. Remember, people will be taking your pictures. You don’t want to see yourself pulling your dress up in all those photos!


3. Letting go of trend and wearing something that suits you best. Every bride has a different body shape, size and skin color. Though one style looks so adorable in your eyes, don’t get it if it won’t fit your body shape. You must know what to highlight and what to hide.

Here’s more ways to accessorize your overall look:

How about you? How did you come up with the design of your wedding gown?
Did you buy a ready made dress or had it made?

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Natalie’s Dedication

Finally, after a few weeks of preparation, Natalie’s dedication pulled thru last Saturday! We initially planned it in June then thought it would be more economical to just have one party for her dedication plus 1st birthday. In the end, we had her dedication earlier and probably we will just go out of town on her birthday in September. Though last night, we were discussing about throwing a simple birthday party for her. How fickle minded! Haha!


Child Dedication is a celebration where both parents dedicate their child to God and promise to have a God-centered marriage to be able to raise their child well.This is different from Baptism. Child Dedication is done by Christian couples who want to publicly dedicate or offer their child to God. This child is God’s and we offer it to Him. But this doesn’t mean the child will grow up to be a Christian. It is still her choice whether she’d be a Catholic, Muslim or be a Christian like her mom and dad. The parents though have the responsibility to model Christ-likeness so she would later develop a personal relationship with Jesus.


We went to different venues in Carmona and ended up in Muntinlupa. Our friend suggested we try inquiring at Shakey’s and booked a date on the spot! Awie, Shakey’s manager, had been a great help as we planned the event. Mae who was assisting us during the event was also a big part in the event’s success. They have a promo wherein if your bill amounts to P18,000, you’ll be able to get their Giant pizza for free which was worth about P3,900 I think. It was a good deal! Hubby and I both think Shakey’s was a good party place. We had the dedication at 9 in the morning and there weren’t so many people yet so we have the entire Shakey’s place to ourselves! Function room + the seats outside so basically, yeah.. The entire resto! I love Shakey’s Muntinlupa!

20150716-094828.jpg Natalie and her Giant Pizza!!


We gave out memo pads to our guests as souvenirs from Motto Pressroom. I’m so glad our guests loved it! We got it for only P30 each. That’s their introductory price plus P60 shipping. But since I ordered 60 pcs, I paid P120 shipping fit for 2 pouches. It was a perfect giveaway for Natalie’s dedication. Apart from the fact that it is affordable, it was really cute with different verses. I packed each piece in a brown bag and placed a sticker on top. I prepared loot bags for kids too in the same paper bag and placed a sticker.

Decor (KEZI)

My sweet husband volunteered to make these letters for Natalie! Isn’t it pretty?? I love how it looked. Keziah is her 2nd name, KEZI for short. That’s her other nickname. He made it using brown folder. And I just placed a gift wrapper around it. We found one in the mall sold at P120 each letter. So expensive! So Hubby decided to just DIY it. I can’t remember where but I found these letters online too for P40 each but that doesn’t include shipping yet. It’s really better to DIY it.


That cupcake tower doesn’t actually contain cupcakes. They are Lemon Square brownies and butterscotch. Hehe. Didn’t have the time to bake and it’s expensive to have customized cupcakes so we opted for those =D Shhhh… Don’t tell our guests! So we actually just spent P5 for each! Sulit, right? Then we also bought 2 containers of Stick-O since we didn’t order desserts. I just wrapped kraft paper around it and placed a sticker on it for aesthetic purposes! =)


I wasn’t able to take a picture but I printed out program outline for each table and I gave out a QUIZ for the guest. Yeah.. A quiz! I had 10 questions about Natalie and the one who got the most answers correct got a Starbucks gift certificate. It was really fun!


Even the day after the event, we couldn’t stop talking about Natalie’s dedication. We just love how it all turned out. Both Hubby and I were reminded that we needed to make an effort to make our marriage strong because it will greatly influence how we raise Natalie. And I really thank God for that reminder. It also emphasized how important the role of Godparents is. They play a big part too, not just for giving Christmas gifts! Haha..

To all those who came by, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!!!

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Preparing Your Budget for Home Improvements

We have been living in our house for more than 2 years now but there’s still a handful of upgrades we need to do. You know how costly it can be to make repairs and upgrades to homes. Nonetheless, some projects cannot be put off because the value of your house could depreciate. Rather than put off work that needs to be done, you can prepare your budget by using the Internet to do some basic research about contractors and bids. By having an idea of factors like an attic remodel cost, you can set money aside now and get the work done without going into debt.

The first part of your research calls for you to get bids on the work that must be carried out, however. Calling contractors one by one in your area can be tedious. Even more, some contractors refuse to give out such information over the phone without having seen the area that you want upgraded or remodeled. Instead of wasting your time and not getting the details that you need, you can use the web directory to find out this information. The directory will help you narrow down your field from which you are researching and then give you a list of the contractors in your area that can work on attics. You can then have an idea of whom to call when you have your budget ready.

The other part of preparing financially involves getting bids before you allow any work to get started. The directory will give you the bids online and allow you to know upfront what price each contractor will charge you. Of course, these prices can fluctuate if your plans change or if the contractor finds out that other work needs to be done to ensure your home’s structural integrity. However, you can have an idea of how much money to take out of your bank account or how much of a loan or line of credit you need to access before you begin hiring remodelers. Once the work is finished, your attic will look like new and the value of your house may even increase. You also can avoid going into significant debt.

Do you have other tips or strategies in home improvements?

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7 Ways to Survive Life Without a Yaya

Natalie is now turning 10 months old and we are still yayaless by choice. I was so afraid I’d mess up without househelp. But look we’re still alive and kicking! And still have no plans of getting one =)

Here’s how we do it:

Babywear. You know by now that our family babywears — mommy and daddy. I hear many moms say babywearing is their savior! Especially when you have more than one kid. Carrying your baby while having both hands free is amazing! I particularly use our ring sling when we go to the park in the afternoon or when we go to the mall. I can’t imagine carrying my almost 8kg baby with my bare hands for 1 hour! But with babywearinng, it’s possible! I like how my friend puts it, “It’s empowering!”

Split the chores. I have the most supportive husband in the whole world. He doesn’t just support me monetarily (haha) or emotionally, he supports me domestically! Not getting enough sleep for months is just completely insane. I feel like I’m losing gazilion brain cells day by day. Thanks to Hubby he helps cook on weekends and do part of the laundry during the week. You need to talk to your Hubby how you can split housework.

Ask help when needed. I’m so blessed to have a mom who’s always ready to rescue me. When I get sick, I just call her and she’d be right at my door to save me! If you have a friend nearby, don’t be afraid to give her a call when things get tough. Remember, you are not a superhero. Yes, you’re a supermom but you are human!

Plan your day. I don’t usually get to do this. But when I do, it helps me tons. It reminds me of my priority chore or must do for the day ahead. When I have my to-do list, it lessens my ‘Oh gosh I forgot!’ moments.

Get your baby into a schedule. This helps a lot because you have a predictable day. I get to do chores on her first nap, sleep with her on her 2nd nap and have me-time on her 3rd nap. It takes time to get your baby into a schedule but you’ll be surprised at how they can adapt overtime.
20150702-124553.jpgPack healthy snacks. Because of all the things I need to do daily, I feel hungry all the time. Singkamas or carrot sticks are my go-to snacks. Cereals are also my favorites. You’d have moments when you just don’t have time to prepare food for yourself or just don’t have the energy so get these ready on weekends for your weekday consumption.

Rely on technology. My husband was kind enough to buy me an automatic washing machine. It deemed necessary because I do the laundry every single day on top of towels and bedsheets, etc. Specially during the summer, our clothes pile up so fast. This helped me stay sane. If budget permits, buy an automatic washing machine.

How about you? How do you survive without a yaya?

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