3 Sacrifices New Moms Should Know About

Everyone was happy when they learned about my pregnancy. And almost everyone warned us about the road ahead. Two words always popped up. SLEEP DEPRIVATION. You’ve probably heard of that warning, huh? Well, brace yourself because it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Not that I’m discouraging you… Jut wanted you to be ready. Hihi… here are some sacrifices you probably didn’t think about.

Sacrifice#1 Be ready to cut your long nails. This was an emotional moment of my motherhood journey. Lol… I have always had loooong nails for as long as I remember! I love putting on nail polish too. But when I started bathing Natalie, it looks like having long nails won’t be very friendly. I might hurt her in the process. Needless to say, I had to cut my nails reallly short. I almost cried. Haha… Seriously, we put mittens to our babies to protect them from scratching themselves. We should also cut our nails to protect them from us!



I usually keep my nails this long (or longer).

Sacrifice#2 Be ready to cut your hair. Since I’m exclusively brestfeeding (direct feeding only as of the writing), my little cutie has developed an attachment to mommy that I can’t even take a bath longer than 15 minutes! I always end up not brushing my hair the whole day! So, after all those can’t-brush-my-hair-coz-I-need-to-attend-to-my-baby days, I have decided to say goodbye to my long curly hair. Ouch. But it was a great decision because now my hair is wash and wear! Plus, I love my new look!



This is how long my hair was before my hair cut.

Sacrifice #3 Ditch your tote and be ready to carry baby bags. I have this leather bag I always use. I have all sorts of stuff in there. But when I had a baby, my bag was filled with diapers, wet wipes, alcohol, other baby stuff and….. my wallet. That’s all. All I have for myself in my bag is my wallet! I don’t even get to bring my phone at times! Welcome to mommyhood!

It gets a bit crazy sometimes but we as moms have to be ready to go with the flow. Accept the changes that happens. And most importantly, embrace the moment of being a superwoman to a tiny baby’s world.

How about you? What sacrifices did you go through when you became a mom?

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How to have a Successful Breastfeeding Journey

My mom breastfed all us four when we were young. My youngest sister aka Baby Sister was breastfed up until she was 2 years old. When it was my turn to be a mom, I never really thought of breastfeeding since there is another option, formula milk. But when I have read about the benefits of breastfeeding, maybe, just maybe, I’d give it a shot. A week before I gave birth, Hubby and I attended a Breastfeeding Forum and learned so much about its benefits. After that, I sure want to breastfeed! Not only that, Hubby is my number 1 supporter in my breastfeeding journey.

Along the way, here are some of the things I thought was beneficial in my breastfeeding experience.

1. Find an OB-Gyne who’s a breastfeeding advocate. Surprisingly, not all doctors are pro-breastfeeding. I was alarmed to hear a mom say that a doctor told her that breastfeeding was just for “poor people”. Huh? Moms who choose to breastfeed, choose to do so because it is very healthy not just for baby but for mom too. So there, be very sure that your OB and future Pediatrician most specially is a breastfeeding advocate or at least a breastfeeding supporter.

2. Read as much as you can about breastfeeding. Your best weapon to a successful breastfeeding is knowledge. The more you know you about it, the more armed you are at the inevitable hurdles of breastfeeding namely sore nipples, non-supportive family members, feeling of not producing enough milk, etc.

3. Find a support group. When we attended that Breastfeeding Forum, I found out about a group called South PiNanays. They are Breastfeeding Advocates from the south (Alabang, Paranaque, Las Pinas, Cavite, etc). I love that group! I learn a lot from them and I get to ask questions and seek advice from other moms. You might also want to check out Breastfeeding Pinays.

4. Talk to your Hubby about your decision to breastfeed. Even if you have a support group, nothing compares to the support given by your spouse or your family if you are living with them. One of the most common complaints of breastfeeding moms are the misjudgments of their in-laws or even husbands about breastfeeding. They think that formula milk is way better than breast milk. (I’m sorry but I beg to disagree.) Your family are not your enemies. They are just misinformed about the benefits of breastfeeding. Anyway, getting their full support is a great head start!

5. Have no other option. Knowing that there is formula milk anyway, most moms just throw in the towel after a week or two of breastfeeding. That’s sooo sad. Because there’s what we call, “adjustment period”. And not all moms get perfect As in breastfeeding. It’s a skill to master. But early on, if in your mind you are 100% certain that you WANT to breastfeed, then that is a sure fire success!

Bf-ing my cute little munchkin

Bf-ing my cute little munchkin

There are numerous reasons why other moms choose NOT to breastfeed and I respect that. But for those who want to breastfeed, I hope these simple ways could help you! =D

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Sambo Kojin at SM Southmall

Thank you for your greetings on my birthday! =D I had a blast as I have shared with you.

And… like I have promised, I’m sharing with you our experience at Sambo Kojin. My mom told me about this Korean-Japanese Buffet Restaurant and Hubby had been bragging about it too. My goodness, they have the right to brag because it was an absolute treat! It’s a must-come-back-to restaurant to be honest!


They have more branches in the north (Eastwood, Greenhills, West Avenue) and one here in the south (at SM Southmall). Their grill-all-you-can and eat-all-you-can is at Php749. But they are on promo now for lunch which is only at Php599. The best part is…. they have a special promo on your birthday! You eat for freeeeeeeee! Yes, free! If you go there on the day of your birthday, you just need one accompanying paying adult (Php749) and you get to eat for free. It’s so sweet of them that they sing a happy birthday song too and give you a small cake. I love! They have other promos you could check out here.

I went around first without my plate to check out the whole feast. Wow! Sooo many choices. If I could just eat all of them, ha! I have such a sweet tooth so I started on dessert. Haha! Who wouldn’t say no to these???



I mostly ate Korean foods. And I loved every bite!



I just noticed there aren’t so much vegetables except for the Korean side dishes. I got a lot of these spinach because I loved it. Wrong move! It was toooo salty! Lesson learned: Don’t get much because you can always come back anyway. Oh! There’s a left over fee of Php200. So you really need to finish your plate.


One of my favorite parts (next to dessert) is the grill-all-you-can! Again, some are too salty. But I guess just ok if eaten with white rice.

6Hubby on the other hand ransacked the sushi and sashimi section! Look at these………



Here’s more!



Overall, the experience was great. Loved the food (taste-wise) and the variety of choices. I also loved their service. Their crew is very attentive. Even if you don’t ask them, they are ready to attend to your needs.

If you are planning on going there, make sure you make a reservation. Their lunch from Mon-Thurs is 11am to 2pm. You better get there early (if you didn’t reserve) as there is a looong queue that will await you!

Are you a fan of Korean and Japanese food?
Have you tried eating at Sambo Kojin?

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It’s That Time of the Year Again

Happy birthday to me! I just celebrated my 31st birthday. Wait.. 31st??? Yeah! Age is just a number!! Haha!


My family visited us last weekend to celebrate with us.


Then last Friday (my real birthday) Hubby went on leave like he always does since we got married (I know, he’s sweet like that. I’m really blessed, right?) We had lunch at a Japanese-Korean Buffet Restaurant, Sambo Kojin. My, oh my! It was great!!! I’ll tell you more about our experience on a separate post.


It didn’t end there, he also bought me a new pair of shoes! =) As if treating me to lunch wasn’t enough!

Then then then.. He also bought me a few essentials–a very needed hair brush and comb! Haha.. And hair care home treatment and a facial mask!

Lastly, he bought me two magazines! Yey! I love magazines. I used to buy fashion magazines a lot. Now, i’m into mommy magazines! How’s that for a change?? =)

Hubby asked what my birthday wish was. Mmm i don’t really know. I seem to have everything already–a very very devoted husband and a beautiful baby. What more can I ask?

Have a great week ahead!!!

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On Being Intentional

There’s so many things I’ve been thinking about lately and how I somewhat went with the flow doing things daily without much thought. I’ve realized that I haven’t been intentional about a few aspects of my life.

Marriage. I always told my single friends that marriage doesn’t “just” happen like you get married and that’s it. You’ll be happy and stay married forever. It doesn’t happen that way. You need to work at it. About a week ago, we started doing devotion again as a couple. The last time we had it was before I gave birth. That was, well, more than two months ago! Sure, we pray together regularly but we’ve been missing on those meaningful conversations we always had during our devotion time. I’m so glad we’re able to do it again!

Husband and wife

Motherhood. I don’t want to be hard on myself. But honestly, I feel like I’m such a failure as a mom. I’ve been so focused on myself and getting back to normal after delivery that I hadn’t been very intentional about caring, understanding and studying my daughter. Honestly, my husband knows Natalie more than I do. He knows how to make her sleep soundly. He knows when she’s about to poop. He knows when she’s hungry. He notices little things that Natalie does. To think they are just together for a few hours daily. How could I miss on those cues?

Faith. Although I read the Bible everyday, on most days, I just read it without meditating on it, without chewing on God’s Word. I’ve realized I have not been nurturing my relationship with God. I just finished a two week devotional series on the prophet Elisha. And I feel that my faith had been renewed! Now, I’m excited as I start another study about Queen Esther.

Health. I ate cake, chocolate and all kinds of sweets on many occasions. I missed my vitamins on some days. I eat a lot more than I should. I don’t intentionally eat vegetables. I don’t always drink water before I nurse. How can I be so irresponsible? Whatever I eat, I pass it on to Natalie. If I go on with this, I’m not giving her the best nutrition she deserves.

It’s so easy to get caught up in life without being intentional on the most important aspects of our lives. I’m so glad God made me realize that I should be more prudent in how I handle the life that He had given me.

Are there aspects in your life you need to be more intentional on?

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