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The internet is a large part of my life because I have an online business, a blog and a husband overseas (although we are together as of the writing because we visited him). Without an internet or slow internet connection spells disaster in my day. But I guess God wanted me to have a bit of media fast so instead of updating my social media every so often, I had logged out of the world wide web and read books instead. In the 6 weeks I had struggled with slow (and no) internet connection at my mom’s place, I was able to finish reading more than a dozen books! So in my next few posts, I’d make an attempt to review my most favorite ones. I start off with the 2 devotional books I had used.

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Daily Wisdom for Women 2016 Devotional Collection 

When I was searching for Christian ebooks, I found this one. And the best thing about it is that it’s free! Well, at least the January edition. If you want to get the entire collection until December, you’d have to purchase it for $9.99. But since I still have another devotional book to use, I opted for that one instead.

Each day does bring me new wisdom. It has made quite an impact in me and God had spoken to me through this devotional book. I like that it’s very simple and easy to read and understand. Each day, there’s a verse to reflect on, a story and the message then a prayer at the end.

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Climbing with Abraham

This is the devotional book I use now. I had received a free copy of this awhile back but never got the chance to use it until recently. The verses used here are from the Old Testament and from the title itself, it talks about the life of Abraham. As you have seen on my recent post, I have shared about my learning on Abraham’s fall after God had given him his promise.

I’m still in the early parts of the book but I’d say that it has a lot of insights and has helped me reflect on the verses better.

How do you have your Quiet Time daily? Do you use a Devotional Book or you just use the Bible?

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The God of Chances

I’m not a perfect mom. Way way way too imperfect. I am probably on top of the list of all the most impatient Moms in the World Category. Yesterday was a testament to that.

Since we arrived in Singapore, Natalie hasn’t been eating a decent meal. All she eats is hard boiled egg in the morning and that’s it for the day. She did eat her vegetables in the first couple of days but that was it. She would just take a bite of her lunch and mostly not eat dinner this whole week. Yesterday, I was just done. I was done with the waste and the I-don’t-want-to-eat attitude of this little toddler.

I snapped. I mean really snapped. I yelled at her at the top of my lungs and all our neighbors must have heard it because it was that loud. I was holding my temper for the past few days and just like a volcano, I erupted yesterday.

Before we slept last night, I apologized for what I had done. She’s the sweetest kid on planet earth and always makes me feel human, that it’s ok to make mistakes. She would kiss me and tell me she loves me still. This morning, I was determined to hold my tongue and just love her, yeah just love her. I asked God for wisdom and help because I clearly can’t navigate motherhood on my own.

And this is how He answered me during my quiet time.

Genesis 12:10-20

This was the story of Abram telling lies to the Pharaoh that Sarai was his sister instead of saying she was his wife. The Pharaoh believed him and she was taken into the palace. Abram was treated well too and acquired sheep and cattle etc. But this luxury would soon come to pass. The Lord inflicted serious disease on the Pharaoh and his household for taking Sarai in. Of course the Pharaoh was mad for the lies Abram weaved and they were sent out immediately.

It just seems like a simple story of lying, but if we go a few verses back, we see that this was the time the Lord revealed to Abram His promises to him.

I will make you a great nation and I will bless you; I will make make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. -Genesis 12:2-3

And if you are like me, I was in awe of Abram’s faithfulness to God when he immediately left his home country to follow what God had told him.

Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. -Genesis 12:1

Abram followed, no ifs no buts. Just plain obedience. Wow. And then puff! A few verses after this declaration of faith, he made a public statement that he is not married to Sarai.

Are you serious?

I felt humbled. We aren’t really perfect, are we? This guy is a big name in the Bible. He is the Abraham. Like that guy who is in the hall of faith. And yet he stumbled. A very public stumbling so to speak. Just like him, I am not perfect. I am not a perfect servant of Jesus. And I am absolutely not a perfect mom.

But God is a God of 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances. And He will be there when we fall. What a faithful God we have!

Today is a new day. I know I will stumble again someday. Maybe next week. Or maybe later. But I will learn from today and keep my eye on Jesus. 

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4 Ways to Grow In Christ

Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with how long a person has been a Christian. One may be attending church for a decade but has very minimal positive changes visible in life. Another may be a Christian for a shorter period of time but has astounding transformation, using her gifts in ministry and boldly shares the Word of God.

If you had been a Christian far too long and you feel you hadn’t been growing spiritually, don’t stay where you are. Satan is using our immobility (or probably indifference) to advance his interest. He loves it when we go to church and do nothing. He loves it when we spend more time on Facebook than we do meditating on God’s Word. He loves it when we prioritize reading a novel than reading the Bible cover to cover.

After the Holy week last month, I’m sure you had some reflection time as to how you can reestablish your relationship with Jesus. You probably have written your spiritual goals already. But if not yet, this list might help.

1. Read the Bible cover to cover every year. I have probably read the Bible cover to cover only twice since I became a Christian. Each year, I keep promising myself I would read the entire Bible before the year ends but I’m ashamed to admit I fall short in this area. This year though, although I am a bit behind, I try to catch up! If you also have fallen weeks behind or even a month behind, don’t lose hope! Just focus on your goal and try to saturate your day with God’s Word.

2. Listen to Audio Bible. My sister suggested an app called Bible.is. You can have this downloaded and you can listen to it while you are commuting or driving. And if you are a full time mom like me, you can listen to this while cooking or cleaning.

3. Memorize Scripture. There is magic in memorizing Bible verses. They pop up in your head in the most timely manner. It’s important to memorize verses because these are promises the devil can’t steal from you. Whenever the devil tries to input lies in your head, you can immediately counter it with verses you have memorized. This way you can block Satan’s lie on the spot!

4. Talk about Jesus. One of my favorite verses is found in Matthew 12:34, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” If you consistently make Jesus part of your day, it’s inevitable that you will talk about Him to other people. Don’t stop yourself from spreading His love. Don’t think people will taunt you for being “holy”. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak thru you. Who knows whom you will bless today.

I know these aren’t mind blowing or unique advice. But these are timeless tips to help you develop a closer relationship with Jesus.

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This is what I call HOME

In our first 2 years of marriage, we have moved to different houses before we finally settled into our own house. Moving has never been palatable to me because I had lived in the same house throughout my childhood until the day I got married. So moving from one house to another was unbearable to say the least. Imagine my joy when we finally found a place called “home”. I was totally overjoyed!


There was another move.. You never really know when God strikes His humor. Hubby was assigned to Singapore for several months and we both didn’t feel comfortable allowing me to stay home with Natalie the entire time he is gone all by ourselves. So we decided I stay with my parents in the meantime while he is abroad.

We didn’t plan on coming back and forth to Singapore (because it is too expensive!!) but it does look like what life would be for us until Hubby finally comes home. Natalie misses her daddy too much (I do too!). And Hubby misses Natalie so much as well. So yeah, hello to Singapore for us again.

We flew to Singapore at around 9pm and arrived midnight. Both Natalie and I were dead tired already and all I wanted to do was hit the bed. Her chinky eyes tell me the same thing. But when she laid eyes on her dad, she forgot she was sleepy. Her energy went up. And it went up even further when we were about to get off the cab. She saw the surroundings and she nearly jumped off her feet. When she saw the door of our flat and entered the house, she nearly went ballistic. Laughing, clapping, and running around the house! I’m talking 3am here. Who does that at 3am?? Haha…

All I could see in her eyes was… “I’m home! I’m home! I’m home!”

Then I realized that home isn’t just a house. It’s a place where hearts meet. My home is where my family is. My home is where my husband and daughter is. So now, as I write this… I’m home! And I can’t be any happier!


Where do you consider to be your home?

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Passive Income Ideas

When I searched on Google what Passive Income meant, this is what it said…

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

I don’t know about you but this thing seems ridiculously good! Little effort but you still get it at a regular basis! Sounds heavenly, right? Is this even possible? Absolutely! The first thing I could think of is Investing in Real Estate. When I hear passive income, I see Robert Kiyosaki’s face on his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Haha.. This has been my ultimate goal ever since. Invest in real estate and be just like Robert Kiyosaki or maybe Kim Kiyosaki (his wife). But this is still far fetched because it takes a good deal of money to be able to purchase a decent apartment or condo unit. Fortunately, real estate is not the only way to have passive income!

In this book, Passive Income: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Money Machine And Earn Unlimited Income Even While You Sleep, you will find dozens and dozens of ways to create passive income which is quite exciting because most didn’t need a whole lot of money to begin with.

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It’s a short ebook that can be read in one sitting. It is meant for beginners but even if you already have a know-how in the subject, it’s still a good read because it will give you fresh ideas on what else you can do to generate income in different ways.

If you find this interesting, you can find it here:


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