Did I Just Eat Crocodile Meat?!?!?!?!

Hubby and I both didn’t enjoy our lunches and thought of having a Take 2 when we passed by a restaurant. Initially, we just wanted something light. But their meals looked appetizing so we decided to eat full meals ‘again’….

Me: What’s the difference between Croc Tapa and Beef Tapa (Cured Beef)?
Waiter: Croc Tapa is Crocodile meat.
Me: Excuse me?
Waiter: Crocodile meat.
Me: (Frozen)


I am not very adventurous but since I was with Hubby he urged me to try it! I realized I’ve actually had Bbq alligator before when I was in Papua New Guinea. I forgot what it was like but from what I recall it’s pretty much like chicken.

I had Croc Tapa. While Hubby had Croc Wali (or the equivalent of Lechon Kawali or Fried Pork).

It’s way more expensive compared to chicken so I doubt it would be a household alternative to chicken, pork or beef. It might just be something you’d want to try once in a while.

They have sausages, sisig, bicol express and they also sell fillets. Fillets would be about Php600 (USD45) per kilo.

I don’t know much about its nutritional content but according to them, it has lower fat and cholesterol content and has higher protein compared to chicken breast or beef sirloin.

PS: After our meal hubby asked if crocodile meat was ok for a pregnant woman. I never thought of that.. I don’t know! Haha.. nothing happened after I had them so I guess it was ok. Would you know?


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God’s Design in Marriage

God’s design is perfect. He created the heavens and the earth. He created the first man and out of him created the first woman. They must have lived a great life in the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, Eve was lured to sin by the serpent. And we know the end of the story. All three, the serpent, Eve and Adam were cursed.

This was how Hubby and I started an interesting conversation this morning.

Hubby: It’s time for work again. Well, men will have painful toil trying to provide for his family! And you…. childbirth!
Me: Yeah, thank you for that morning reminder! Haha..
Hubby: That’s my part and that’s your part. It’s the new role God had given. God’s design is like a house design. (Before I continue, please know that my husband is a civil engineer. He used to build houses and buildings.) When you enter a house, you usually see the living room. That’s the design. If you don’t follow God’s design, you’ll see a bathroom instead of a living room when you open the door.
Me: That’s a nice analogy.
Hubby: So you stay here.. and I do my part!
Me: Yes sir!

I’ll be honest with you. I love every part of being a housewife. I absolutely do. But there were some moments when I would think of how life would be different if I were working full time instead.

We could have bought a nice car by now.
We could have renovated the nursery room by now.
We could have bought more furniture by now.
We could have renovated the kitchen by now.

I don’t think these are selfish concerns. We do need a more suitable house to live in. BUT to get these, that would mean to sacrifice time with my husband, sacrifice buying food outside instead of me cooking, sacrifice my health now that I am pregnant. Or when I give birth, sacrifice my time with my first baby, sacrifice not being able to breastfeed, sacrifice not being able to see her first laughter or hear her say her first word. And then, I shake my head off and go back to God’s design.

We may not have the comfort and luxury that most married couples do. But I wholeheartedly choose God’s design. I may not get a lot from my home-based job or have my full hands on our business, but God gives us just enough (mostly more). No debts to pay. No worries. No sleepless nights. This is enough for me. I have a hardworking and loving husband. And for my part, I will be the best domestic partner and suitable helper for him!

Do you sometimes regret being a housewife or stay-at-home-mom?
How do you cope with these thoughts?


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The Love Triangle

Since we got married 4 years ago, we haven’t attended a couple’s retreat yet. So late last year, I started praying for us to be able to attend one. Lo and behold, a couple’s retreat was going to happen this March. We immediately signed up! What an answered prayer!

CCF Couples Retreat

Unfortunately, early last week, I had some pregnancy issues that had me go on bed rest for 3 days. Whew! We stormed the heaven with prayers and God answered favorably. I was given a go signal by my OB to go to the retreat. =) Hooray!

Side note: A day after, I was back to my OB for an emergency check up for a possible infection =s Glad the result came out negative!

One of the highlights for me was the “couple sharing time” at the end of the 2-day retreat. I’ve been struggling with some issues since last month and I never had the courage to tell Hubby until that moment! I felt like a heavy burden was taken off my shoulder! After everything I told him, he just hugged me and reassured his love for me. No judgement or anything. What an understanding husband I have!

Throughout the retreat, God showed me how blessed I am with the husband He had given me. To be honest, I don’t deserve such a man. But still He gave me him. Being his wife inspired me to be an even better helper and supporter to him.

Us with our godparents

I also loved the break out group discussions after each session. We were able to process the messages and shared our insights to fellow wives. Laughter roared in our group. It’s so nice to know that you’re not alone and that other wives do experience your struggles too.

On a lighter note, we met Pastor Joe Mauk, a TOP spinner, who share God’s Word through his “tops”. What a creative way to share God’s love. By the way, his team attempted the biggest top in the whole world which almost landed on Guinness Book of World Records in 2011. So cool!

Joe Mauk in the middle of his performance


Joe Mauk and Hubby


Apart from his performance, I won’t forget the food served at our venue (MMRC – Mt Makiling Re-creation Center in Batanggas) Everything was great. I specially loved their bread which we were able to order before leaving the resort! =)

No, that's not my plate (disclaimer haha)

Overall, it was a great first time experience for Hubby and I. We can’t wait for the next retreat! I’m hoping there would be one again next year and the years after.

Have you been to a couple’s retreat? How was your experience?
How has it helped strenthen your marriage?


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At 13 Weeks

I’m going 14 weeks in a few days. How time flies! The last time I updated you on my pregnancy was my battle with the ‘all-day’ sickness which most people call morning sickness. Well, the saga continues!

My OB (and most of the stuff I read) said that in most pregnancies, nausea and vomiting subsides on the 2nd trimester. Somewhere 12 to 14 weeks. I was very hopeful it would completely disappear on my 12th week. I even had a countdown! On my 12th week 2nd day, I was feeling quite energetic when I woke up. It was a dream come true. No nausea at all! I did the laundry, cleaned up the soon-to-be nursery room, cleaned up the kitchen, did some cooking… And then when afternoon came… I started getting dizzy. And the whole cycle of vomiting started again. Looks like my mind was just playing tricks on me. =s

I had to remove all the triggers that makes me vomit.

We had to…

…change our hand wash soap 3 times.
…change my deodorant.
…change my feminine wash.
…change our dish washing paste.
I had to buy a mask coz whenever I get near the kitchen, my head just starts turning!
I had to buy a mint candy which is very helpful when I travel.
I had to buy Vicks to ease my dizziness and headache or counter any smell that trigger vomiting.

I was really getting so down those past weeks. I am just more than thankful for the people around me. I would randomly receive messages from friends or my mom or sisters asking how I am.. just when I needed words of encouragement.

And my neighbors… They are heaven sent. They would check on me once in a while and ask me how I’m doing. I just feel so secure.

And my husband… What will I do without him? He’s just my hero.

He mops the floor.
He cooks for me.
He washes the dishes.
He just takes care of me with all his might!

I’m so thankful. In spite of the roller coaster, God gives me people to cheer me up. I’m never alone. =)

On a side note, do you want to see how Baby looks like???

This was her on her 7th week =)


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One Day at a Time


When we learned I was carrying a baby, I felt so blessed because I didn’t experience what most pregnant women do. No tiredness, sleepiness, irritability, nausea. There was just no pregnancy symptoms. I was just feeling very normal.

And then all of a sudden…

Morning sickness kicked in. Well, whoever coined that term morning sickness is deluded.  It should have been called ALL-DAY SICKNESS! Entering week 8, nausea started getting intense.. vomiting was uncontrollable. I almost couldn’t get anything down. It all comes out an hour or even a few minutes after I eat. Horrible.

I don’t know how I would have survived last Friday without Hubby beside me. It was by far the worst day in my pregnancy. I was just so glad he was there to support me, cook for me, be with me, talk to me and just pray for me. All I could do was cry.

I’m so blessed to have this man.

And then I remembered my mom. Wow, how could she possibly survive 4 pregnancies and still come out strong. I think I was her worst pregnancy. She just vomited like crazy. She’d be in and out of the hospital. I’ve read that this morning sickness (or all day sickness!) would usually end on the 1st trimester. Not with my youngest sister. My mom was still vomiting even before she gave birth!

I have the best (and strongest) mom in the world. (taken on my birthday last year)

Makes me think, how in the world do working moms survive their first trimester at work?!?!?!

Only by God’s grace.

Most days, I am not fine. Some days, just fine. Now, I learned to just live one day at a time.   I couldn’t plan for next week because I wouldn’t know how I would be then. Last week, I had to cancel a check up with my doctor because I just couldn’t get out of bed. Let alone out of the house!

I don’t know if I’ll be fine tomorrow. I’ll find out then. But I know that tomorrow, God will give me enough grace to sustain the day. I just have to fully depend on Him. So right now, I’m enjoying the comfort only God could give.

Are any of you pregnant now or had been pregnant before? How did you cope with it?


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