He Can Catch You When You Fall


What I think about it. I have no idea how she had garnered such courage to share all that she had shared in her book. It’s just so honest and I love it! She has had so many ups and downs but she courageously faced all her problems head up. And of course in the end, she found one true love in Jesus! You will love how her love story with her husband (Ardy Roberto) took place. She inspired me to be more specific in my prayer life. It’s so nice when you see answered prayers unfold. Kilig moments!

Who is this for. For everyone! Not just a selected few. Whether you are an aspiring beauty queen, failed by love and praying for a lifetime partner, you’ll learn a lot from it.

I really enjoyed reading the book! Probably because I can ABSOLUTELY relate with the loneliness she felt during her first marriage. You know, when you have everything any wife would want but at the end of the day, you are still feeling lonely. That! Unless you get to that point you probably would never understand what it is like.

Overall, I think it’s a good read. Like what I said, it’s very detailed. You can vividly imagine the scenes. You’re just like reading a novel or watching a good movie.

How about you? Do you like reading autobiographies? (I do!)
What’s your favorite?


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