Laptop batteries can be a real pain when they decide to be. Getting a suitable replacement is even more challenging. But successfully getting a suitable replacement is not really as demanding as it seems to be. You just have to know what and what to look out for when searching for an original laptop battery. Not everyone in the know would be willing to share these “trade secrets”. But seeing as they are not secrets, we would be more than willing to help you out.

In this article, we will be highlighting how to make good replacement decisions. But even more importantly we will briefly turn our attention to how to maintain your current battery. I mean, it is better to use an original HP SBO3XL battery than going through the stress of sourcing for a suitable replacement.

How to Maintain your Original Laptop Battery

What you need to do to maintain your laptop battery is relatively easy. This is especially so when compared to the requirements needed to replace the said battery. Your laptop maintenance is comprised of basic tips. On a normal day, one would ignore these tips. But they might just be your protectors against the stress of sourcing for a new original laptop battery.

  1. Do not keep “charging” your laptop even after it is fully charged. It is not harmful in the short term, but do not make a habit of it. This is especially so when the laptop is not in use.
  2. If you are done with your laptop (this cannot be stressed enough) shut it down. Putting the laptop to sleep mode is an option when taking a temporary and brief break. If you would be gone for longer periods (more than an hour), shut it down.

These are just two of the more essential maintenance tips. The battery is already set to start losing its capacity gradually over time. We want to stretch that time, not shorten it.

Decent Price for an Original Laptop Battery

The prices vary based on several factors. From the model of the laptop to the source of the replacement, there are numerous variables. But on a general note, the price of original laptop batteries ranges from as low as $60 to as high as $120. Maintenance is looking pretty good right now.

How to Identify a Suitable Original Battery

Walking into any trusted and reputable tech store would most likely allow you to access an original laptop battery. There are even trusted online stores. But is that battery the right one for you. We will outline 3 aspects to look out for when selecting a suitable original laptop battery.

  1. The voltage of the battery
  2. The capacitance of the battery
  3. The date of manufacture

For the first two, make sure they match the numbers on the battery you are currently using. As for the date of manufacture, the closer it is to that of purchase, the better.


At this point, you should have a good handle on how to maintain your battery to some extent. If maintenance is not an option, then you are also equipped with the knowledge to get a suitable original laptop battery replacement.


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