Gift Wrapping Ideas


I love opening gifts as much as wrapping them and giving them away. Every year I always looked forward to not just buying gifts but wrapping them too.

For the past couple of years, we haven’t been buying Christmas gift wrappers. Instead, I bought about 2 dozens of Kraft papers that I’d been using since last year. These are plain brown papers that can easily be found in any bookstore. The one found at National Bookstore is thicker and has a smaller size (cost is around Php6), so I opted to buy Pattern paper which has lower gsm and bigger in size. The only downside is that since the paper is thinner, it has folds when you buy them. I bought mine at a palengke near us.

I love using this because it gives me the liberty to decorate it. Here are some ideas for you!

I used parchment paper as an outline, then finished it off with a thick red and gold lace ribbon.

You can also use this red ribbon strand.

Here, I used a washi tape to form a square. You can put Merry Christmas inside the box or the name of the recepient.

Hope you like these ideas!
Any other suggestions? How are you creatively wrapping your gifts?


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