God is Greater than…

The past few days or maybe weeks, the topic of Hubby and I’s conversation would always lead to his past. How he wasted years and years of his life pursuing non sense things. He didn’t grow up in a Christian home. His dad worked abroad most of his childhood and teenage years. Needless to say, he had the “freedom” to do whatever he wanted to do. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong path — eat, drink and be merry. Add to that, lots and lots of women by his side. But God is a God of second chances (and third and fourth). Now, God has slowly transformed him into who he is now. His life is far from perfect, but if there is one word that would describe it now, it would be PEACE. A lot different from how his life used to be before.

Yesterday during worship service, his tears started falling when the pastor ended with his last point. God is greater than our past. What a timely reminder for Hubby (and for me too)! =) I find it very encouraging. No matter how dirty we have become, God can still make us new. Just like Sarai who’s name meant contentious or quarrelsome to Sarah which meant princess. What a great hope!

As for me, what He impressed in my heart is that God is greater than my weakness. I would often feel so inadequate and helpless. But knowing that God is greater than my weakness, I have an assurance that He can pull me through. He can lift me up when I fall. And that in Him is where I can draw my strength! =)

It’s your turn! Fill in the blank.

God is greater than ________________.


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6 Responses to God is Greater than…

  1. I needed this today! God IS greater than my weakness. I am feeling weak today. That is not a feeling I have often. But, blogging can be overwhelming sometimes. I feel like when I blog, I am using the gifts God gave me to help others. It’s time consuming, though, and I’m feeling overwhelmed. I know He is my strength!

  2. Wow, my husband’s faith journey was so similar and although we haven’t spoken of it much lately, it took me a long time to be at peace with it. Funny how even the past, where I hadn’t yet met him, could stir up jealous emotions. But our faith has made those feelings slowly disappear for me and peace is the way to describe what’s replacing it. Love this one.. :) thanks for posting,

    • Viviene says:

      Oh yes! That’s true! Glad Hubby and I have settled that “jealous emotions” already. =) actually, just recently haha (imagine that, we’ve been married for almost 4 years already!)

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