An Afternoon at Chairman Wang’s

I received an invitation a month back to try out a new Chinese Restaurant that opened in Molito, Alabang. I wasn’t able to reply immediately and realized the Meet and Greet Event was over. Fortunately, they were going to have another one! =D This time, I was able to join them!

I was pretty excited and was really looking forward to the event =) Since the time I got pregnant, I had very very limited and controlled social events! Haha! So this is one of those days I was able to go out of our house! =p

The afternoon went really great. I was welcomed by Alyz (Marketing Manager) and Blush (Operations Manager) and felt instantly at ease. =) After a short chit chat, we head on to order some food.

Here’s what we had…

Top Left: Black Pepper Beef on Iron Plate
Top Right: Smoked Duck Breast in Hoisin Wrap
Out of all that we ordered, this has probably the lowest rating. The flavor is so intense and I found it a bit spicy.
Lower Right: Chinese Curry Lamb Casserole. This is my favorite. The lamb is so tender and it tastes so curryish. Just perfect for me.
Lower Left: Chairman Prime Beef Noodle Soup. This is just half the entire bowl so don’t worry. =) They actually have good serving sizes. You can request your noodles thinner or flat or even angel hair! I’m not a big fan of noodles but I’m guessing my mom would really appreciate this.

Top Left: Braised Beancurd Skin with Soy Tofu.
This is my other favorite!
Top Right: Northern Style Lamb Dumplings
Is it too much if I tell you I also like this?
Lower Right:  Black Olive Fried Rice and Bean Curd. I’m a fried rice person so I really loved their Olive Fried Rice. I hear this is their best seller.

Left: One of the waiters pouring us a drink.
I love love their drinks! Shanghai Lily tasted carbonated. I never really asked but anyway, I love it. Chrysanthemum Iced Tea was quite sweet but they said you can alter the taste by asking to put less sugar or syrup to it. I had to control on the sugar so I couldn’t finish a glass (although I realllly wanted to!!).
Right: Noodle making in action! You could actually watch them make your noodles. There’s a glass window at the back where you could witness this.

I took a snap shot of the other bloggers while they were busy taking pictures of our food. Haha! Dennis is in blue. You can find his blog here. And that’s Joei in blue and green stripes with her boyfriend, Tim. They blog here.

Me on far left along with the other bloggers and staff.

Price and Ambiance: The price is just right. You’ll be surprised. I was quite intimidated with the ambiance. It looked like an expensive restaurant but it’s more affordable than I thought.

Food Quality: Excellent. I’m not a hard core Chinese cuisine fan (like my mom) but I enjoyed the food. Their menu is a mixture of Szechuan and Cantonese style. Oh, if in case you are interested to know.. they don’t use MSG. I believe some people are very particular with this. So you might want to know that they are free from MSG.

Service: They serve fast. We went there on a weekday so I’m not sure how they fair if the restaurant is full like on Sunday lunch. I’ll try to find out and I’ll let you know. Hihi.. =)

Overall: It was a great experience. I’m surely going to be back with my family!

Do you enjoy Chinese food?

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4 Responses to An Afternoon at Chairman Wang’s

  1. Joei says:

    Hi Teacher Viv! It was nice meeting you that day :) See you around!


  2. Natasha says:

    It looks like you and everyone else had a nice time. I don’t really know if I enjoy Chinese food, but I know that I do not enjoy American-Chinese food. I would like to try some authentic Chinese food some day.

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