Did I Just Eat Crocodile Meat?!?!?!?!

Hubby and I both didn’t enjoy our lunches and thought of having a Take 2 when we passed by a restaurant. Initially, we just wanted something light. But their meals looked appetizing so we decided to eat full meals ‘again’….

Me: What’s the difference between Croc Tapa and Beef Tapa (Cured Beef)?
Waiter: Croc Tapa is Crocodile meat.
Me: Excuse me?
Waiter: Crocodile meat.
Me: (Frozen)


I am not very adventurous but since I was with Hubby he urged me to try it! I realized I’ve actually had Bbq alligator before when I was in Papua New Guinea. I forgot what it was like but from what I recall it’s pretty much like chicken.

I had Croc Tapa. While Hubby had Croc Wali (or the equivalent of Lechon Kawali or Fried Pork).

It’s way more expensive compared to chicken so I doubt it would be a household alternative to chicken, pork or beef. It might just be something you’d want to try once in a while.

They have sausages, sisig, bicol express and they also sell fillets. Fillets would be about Php600 (USD45) per kilo.

I don’t know much about its nutritional content but according to them, it has lower fat and cholesterol content and has higher protein compared to chicken breast or beef sirloin.

PS: After our meal hubby asked if crocodile meat was ok for a pregnant woman. I never thought of that.. I don’t know! Haha.. nothing happened after I had them so I guess it was ok. Would you know?


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2 Responses to Did I Just Eat Crocodile Meat?!?!?!?!

  1. Tara (honormommy) says:

    :-D. I think it is interesting that they served it with a fried egg …that just screams breakfast to me :-). As far as crocodile being dangerous, I THINK they are mostly worried about mercury content, which you only have to worry about if it is an ocean fish, so as long as it was cooked correctly , your baby should be fine ;-). Of course , I’m not a doctor… :-P

    • Viviene says:

      Hihi… I thought so too! Looks like a breakfast meal =p I’m gonna have to ask my doctor later to make sure! But I really think it’s ok. I did hear about the mercury content so I am always cautious with the fishes I eat..

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