Yesterday, I celebrated my 30th birthday!!! Hooray!

I had such a great birthday. My husband made me feel like a princess.

Our celebration started the moment I woke up. I did not lift a finger. My husband did all the work in the kitchen. He prepared our favorite breakfast. Pancakes!

Not only that, he also did ALL the dishes. The dishwashing paste did not touch my hand the entire day! What a blessing!

I asked him what’s next and he told me we’d eat at one of our favorite restaurants. So off we go!

No, we did not have pancakes haha. I had my usual Spicy chicken and he had his favorite Salmon dish.

After our yummy lunch…

Are you ready for my gift?” I actually thought the lunch date was his gift already. But wait there’s more. Haha..

We headed to The Spa Alabang! (It’s a posh spa in the south.)

I literally pulled him away. I said I didn’t want it coz it was expensive. He just laughed and said it was my birthday so it’s ok. I didn’t want to abuse his kindness. Hahaha..

We went in and apparently, he already did his research and already knew the lady at the reception. My husband is such a darling. To be honest, I looked at the price first. I don’t want to rip my husband off. lol.. To my surprise, it wasn’t as expensive as I thought!

It was soooo good, I’d sure be back!

Such a great experience I kissed him more than a million times!

It’s over, right?” I asked guiltily.

Nope. We’re watching a movie!”

No, we’re not.” But the truth… my heart was leaping! Yey!! We’re watching Thor!! Haha..

I told him several times about Thor a week ago and he would go, “Not today.” “Next time.” “Not now.” I’m glad I didn’t insist. Yesterday was the best time to watch it!

You guessed it. After the movie, it wasn’t over yet. We headed to another nice restaurant for dinner and had some delicious pasta, pizza and cake!

I kept thanking him the entire day! I have the sweetest husband in the world, don’t I???

It was a HAPPY birthday indeed!!


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6 Responses to It’s PRINCESS DAY!

  1. Tara says:

    Very sweet! Happy birthday!

  2. cocomino says:

    Happy Birthday. Your husband is great. :D

  3. Christine says:

    Happy Birthday! Your husband did an excellent job of spoiling you – it looks like you had a wonderful day! Kudos to him! :)

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