Got Featured….. ^ ^

Hello Friends!!!!!! I wanted to share with you so maaaany things! But first, thank you for sharing, promoting and reading 7 Things Every Wife Should Know. Super thank you!!

It’s such a blessing to hear so many of you say you’ve been blessed by it! I’m so thrilled! =D

* I was excited to learn that I got featured at my school’s blog (this is where I taught for more than 2 years). It’s so sweet of them to still have me featured even if I don’t work there anymore. I love love love this work place!

* Do visit Feastful Life too. I guest posted  there recently. ABC’s of Marriage. And you’ll find me here too: A Weekend With An Author.

* You’d also find a review of the book here from Milestones and Moments. Thank you Meanne!!

How about you? How have you been so far?!?!


Are you ready to take on the role of a godly wife?

Written by a newlywed herself, Viviene explores the fundamental virtues every newlywed wife should know in order to TRIUMPH in her marriage. She shares her own stories of bliss and adjustment living in one roof with her lifetime partner.

Be equipped. Be encouraged. Be ready to enjoy a triumphant married life that God intends you to have.

Available Online: AmazonCreateSpace

For Philippine Residents
Php 395.00 (free shipping within Metro Manila)
***Email me for details.  <teacher (underscore) viviene (at) yahoo (dot) com>


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8 Responses to Got Featured….. ^ ^

  1. Emily says:

    Look at you! Congratulations Viviene! :D

  2. Viviene says:

    Thanks dear! You are part of this success =D

  3. ristinw says:

    Congratulations Viviene! :D

  4. Blond Duck says:

    Congrats on your book! Now that life has calmed down, I can review it if you still want me to.

  5. Vinz Salvador says:

    Hi Ate Vivien,

    Congratulation. Praise God for this. I’m not a lady but I appreciate your book getting published. haha. Congrats!!!

    Vinz :D

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