Secret Crush

Yeah, I sort of have a crush. When I first saw him many years ago, he was cute. Seeing him now, he’s way cuter. He’s a lot whiter than he used to be. His face is really smooth. (I’m sounding like a commercial.. Whatever!) He’s a total hunk. More than the looks, he’s an “I can do it” kind of guy. Someone who will not just do what is comfortable but does whatever it takes to finish a task. Truly admirable.

It’s totally like a high school crush. I think of him and I just smile. I see him and My day is complete. Something like that.

Well, the good thing is…

I married him.

Yes, I’m developing a secret crush on my husband!

My husband inspires me a lot these days. He’s not a business tycoon or something but he does look like one. I see a lot of characteristics of successful people in him. In spite of the hardships we had gone through over the years (esp. last year), he remained faithful to God, kept a positive spirit and refused to give up the battle. He’s such a fighter.

You know what, I’m just so glad I married him.

What is the most crushable trait of your husband?


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One comment on “Secret Crush

  1. anshulrautela on said:

    Stay happy forever.. :)

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