Mental Toughness

It’s so unlikely to share a book about SEALs on a marriage blog. I know! Blame my husband. He bought 5 new books in the past 2 weeks and 3 of them were autobiographies of some big names in the Navy SEALs. (For some of you who don’t know, SEALs stand for Sea, Air, Land. They are the US Navy’s Special Operations Force.)

My adoration to anything about the military started when I married my husband. No, he’s not from the army. But he sure would have been a Navy SEAL if he were an American.

Anyway, I was absolutely inspired after reading “The Red Circle“ of Brandon Webb.

It made me realize that it’s all about mental toughness. The training to become part of SEALs is almost unbearable. 90% wash out rate would explain how hard it is to graduate in their training! But why do the 10% endure? Not because of their muscles. Not because they’re super athletes. Not just physical endurance.

It’s mental toughness.

(This is the theme of the other 2 books Hubby bought. It’s all of that all over the books. You are invincible. You are the best of the best. You are mentally tough!)

I guess it’s the same with life. Those who are successful in life aren’t necessarily those who are the most intellectual or the smartest. It is those who endure the tough times. Those people who stand up after falling. Those people who have clear goals and are ready to surpass anything that get in the way. Those people become most successful.

I know it’s a spoiler to share an ending to anyone who hasn’t read the book yet. But I just did! As I read the last part of Brandon’s book to Hubby, I didn’t get the chance to finish the last paragraph. I just choked in tears.

I told myself that “I will finish strong.”

Do you consider yourself mentally tough?
What do you think are the characteristics of successful people?

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8 comments on “Mental Toughness

  1. LuAnn Braley on said:

    I don’t know about mental toughness, but my endurance is pretty good! :O)

  2. Andy Brightman on said:

    Getting refreshment from stress is very essential thing for everyone, there are many ways are there to reduce the mental tensions. Among all daily walking, doing exercises and yoga are the best ways to make your life healthier.

  3. Blond Duck on said:

    After I do the final Mortal Instruments next week, I’ll review your book!

  4. ristinw on said:

    Salute to all the soldiers!

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