Living out your Passion

I feel like I’m sharing this blog with my sisters (my elder sister and younger sister) ‘coz I always talk about them. LOL

As I was writing this post on a piece of paper, I was with Baby Sister at a recording studio. Yes, a recording studio! Her friend is joining a song writing competition and got my sister to sing her entry! Isn’t that cool?! I love the songs she wrote but I’m not sure I can  share it with you until after the contest. Will keep you posted on that. Meanwhile, here are some behind the scenes photos:

That’s my sister!

Her friend Maryl (playing the guitar) is the one who wrote the song.

Prior to that, she was at a rehearsal. She’s going to perform again for a musical! I can’t put into words how proud I am of her!

My sister’s the one taking the photo.

And besides those, she’s also busy creating an AVP for my friend’s wedding in June.

I’m so inspired that my sister is living out her passion. She loves to sing, perform and edit videos and she’s doing all those now! It’s great seeing her shine in her craft. She’s not wasting the talents that God had given her. She’s using them to the fullest!

Are you doing the things you are most passionate about now?


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20 Responses to Living out your Passion

  1. HonorMommy says:

    That is so wonderful for your sister! How exciting!!!

    As for passionate things :-D–I finally submitted my application for writing school. I am excited to finally get some direction in that aspect!

    • Viviene says:

      Wow~ Congratulations! I’m excited to see how God will be using this new adventure of yours for His glory! =)

  2. Wow, your sister is really talented. I’ve read a lot about her in your blog! Good going… My best wishes. =) Well, whenever I get time I also try do things of which I’m passionate about like photography… ;)

    • Viviene says:

      Yeah, I see that you love photography! I love the pictures you post on your blog and your lovely adventures. =)

      It made me laugh when you said “I’ve read a lot about her in your blog!” I just love her so much and we are almost always together so I kind of talk about her a lot. =p I hope she doesn’t mind LOL

  3. Jayme says:

    Hi Viviene! Found your blog through SITS. :)

    Looks like your sister is living the dream and it’s admirable to see people living their passions. I can tell you’re really proud of her.

    It was nice to stumble upon your blog and I’ll definitely visit again. :)

  4. Viviene says:

    Hi Jayme!! Thanks for visiting my blog.. Oh yes, I’m super proud of her and I think the word is “inspired”.. I’m so inspired to see her live life to the fullest. She’s a goal getter!

  5. ristinw says:

    So exciting to hear this!!! :D It is a wonderful thing to live out our passion!!!!Best of luck to her!!

  6. cocomino says:

    You and your sister is mirrored by you. It’s a great thing to enjoy music. I hope her success. :)

  7. Trina says:

    Your question made me think of the scripture from Ecclesiastes 3. There’s a season for all things. Right now I’m living my dream of being a mom. There isn’t always time to do some of the other things I love but I’ll be able to eventually. I’d love to write a book (right now it’s hard to even find time to blog- which I LOVE) and I’d like to go back to school and finish my degree in Speech Pathology. I sing all day long, although I’d love to be doing some of the things your sister is doing. You can see a little of what I gave up to be a mom in this post- I love your blog, btw. I’d love to network with you and I’ll “like” your facebook page. Feel free to like me too, if you want. Tidbits from Trina

    • Viviene says:

      Hi Trina! Thanks for dropping by! It’s lovely to see you here.. My sister and I are more like twins. I also love everything she’s doing. It’s nice to hear that you love what you are doing now. Not all wives get the chance to be moms.

  8. Rach says:

    How cool that she gets to live out her passion!

  9. Blond Duck says:

    I always wanted to sing. It’s just no one wanted to hear me!

  10. That is so great! I love seeing young people able to live out their passions!

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