Praying 7x a Week

Part of the my commitment during the retreat last week was to start my prayer journal again. I’ve got 2 notebooks waiting for me! One was a gift on my birthday and the other was a Christmas gift.

My mom taught me the 7 days of prayer recently and that’s what I’ll be doing.

Monday (represented by the thumb) – pray for your friends who need to know the Lord Jesus. Pray that they may come to know the Savior.

Tuesday (represented by the pointer) – pray for your Christian friends.

Wednesday (represented by the middle finger) – pray for the government and for the country. It is the tallest finger so it’s a reminder to pray for the authority.

Thursday (represented by the ring finger) – pray for your family.

Friday (represented by the pinky finger) – pray for yourself. It’s the smallest finger and it reminds us  pray for other’s needs first before our own.

Now no more fingers left but that doesn’t mean we stop praying, right?! =)

Saturday – pray for those who are sick and needs healing.

Sunday – pray for the church, your pastors and church workers. It’s the easiest to remember since Sunday is the day of worship. At least for most people, Sunday is the day they go to church.

Are you ready to pray?



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8 Responses to Praying 7x a Week

  1. Hey Viviene, quite a nice way to remember! Thanks to your mom who taught you and to you too for sharing it… :) :)

  2. Rach says:

    This is great!

  3. Viviene says:

    anshulrautela: Thanks for dropping by! This helps me remember everyone I need to pray for =)

  4. Viviene says:

    Rach: Thanks Rach! =D

  5. cocomino says:

    We sometimes visit shrine or temple for pray our health and fortune. :)

  6. Viviene says:

    It’s important to pray for everything including health and blessings… =)

  7. ristinw says:

    Would you mind considering to add a prayer routine for all the human kind (good or bad, sick or healthy) in the world. Let us all be with light always. @u@

  8. Viviene says:

    I surely would!! Thanks for the suggestion! =D

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