Long Distance Relationship

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As I have mentioned on Facebook, I am geographically separated from Hubby for about 3 weeks, him in Singapore and me in the Philippines. This is the first time we’ve been separated this long. Oh boy, I can’t even imagine how couples are able to survive being away from each other for a long time.

Thank you, Skype. I wonder how we would communicate without you!

For the past week, it had been quite sad and sometimes difficult but by God’s grace, it was a week of learning for me too.

I have learned that…

Long distance relationship is hard work. I don’t mean it’s impossible. I just mean it’s hard. I get irritated easily when he does not respond to my messages as fast as I expected him to. I get frustrated when he does not give me his full attention when we chat. I feel that our relationship was more prone to miscommunication and petty quarrels. And again, by God’s grace, He is teaching me to be more patient and to be more understanding.

I also miss our long walks at night when we get to talk about many things about our daily lives, past experiences and even things about the future. I realized how important it really is to spend quality time with your spouse on a daily basis, not just weekly dates.

But then again, there’s always something to thank God for. Although, I miss him so much, now that he is away, I have more time to catch up with my family and friends. It’s a great chance to bond with my girlfriends without feeling guilty. I’m embracing this time and thanking God because I get to have time for myself too.

Have you ever been away from your husband for a long time?


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13 Responses to Long Distance Relationship

  1. mitch says:

    Yes, 2 years before we got married and 5 months after our wedding. It’s hard and sad, but just pack the relationship up with lots of prayers and trust.

  2. Viviene says:

    Right right.. Wow, tagal nun ah..

  3. ristinw says:

    God will be at both side when two souls are separated (temporally) physically. We gotta trust what God prepare for this :D

  4. Viviene says:

    Exactly! Trust in God is all we need =) Thanks for that..

  5. Hazel Moon says:

    Thank you for your comments and that you are learning patience. Most of us don’t like to WAIT – because we want it NOW. You are invited to share your true stories at “Tell me a Story,” my new Blog Party: http://letmetelluastory.blogspot.com/

  6. Rach says:

    Oh wow, we’ve never been apart more than a few days. I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for you guys! Glad you have Skype, though!

  7. Viviene says:

    Thanks Hazel, I would love to take part in that! Will visit the link you sent =)

    Hi Rach =D It has been really difficult =( But I’m glad my family is here to cheer me up…

  8. Blond Duck says:

    Ben and I had to do long distance when we were dating…I hated every minute of it!

  9. Viviene says:

    Argh.. so sad right?

  10. Hazel Moon says:

    You are so kind. I welcome your stories at “Tell Me a Story Blog Hop.”

  11. Viviene says:

    You’re welcome.. Will surely join you sometime! =D

  12. Emily says:

    Since we’ve been married, the longest Brian and I have been apart was probably a week at the most. But when we were dating, I went on a mission’s trip for an entire summer. That was really hard, but it was also really good for our relationship! I hope that this time apart strengthens your marriage by giving you the opportunity to hone your communication skills, as difficult as being apart is!

  13. Viviene says:

    That’s right.. and I realized I definitely have to be more understanding! It’s really harder to communicate when you’re apart.. Nothing beats face to face communication with your spouse (or with anyone) =)

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