It’s more fun in the Philippines!

After almost a year in a foreign land, I’m back to my favorite place in the world… HOME! Now, I can attest that it’s true…

There is no place like home.

It’s been crazy busy since I arrived on Saturday morning. After some rest, we headed to Baby Sister’s  alma matter (that happened to be my alma matter too) to watch her performance. I’m so glad to be able to watch her!

No, that’s not her. That’s me! Haha..

Yours truly and Baby Sister. =)

Although she didn’t win, I just love the fact that I was able to watch her!

Then the following day, we visited my brother’s place and enjoyed some real good authentic Filipino food! We also got some tan swimming at their clubhouse.

I’m that lady faking sleep. That’s my lazy uncreative wacky pose. Haha..

More stories of my comeback on my next few posts! For now, I need to get some sleep!

Do you agree that there really is no place like home?


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15 comments on “It’s more fun in the Philippines!

  1. Welcome home Vivs!

  2. cocomino on said:

    Welcome back. It’s the best to stay home comfortably.

  3. Love that you were able to be there to see your sister perform! And spending time with family is amazing. :)

  4. ristinw on said:

    Home Sweet Home! Yey! :D

  5. mitch on said:

    Agree!! Nice to have you back. :) Btw, where is your brother house?

  6. Viviene on said:

    Sa Tribecca.. I think he’s selling it. He’s thinking of migrating to Aussie. He’s still praying about it. If you’re interested, let me know. My dad’s a broker =p

  7. Viviene on said:

    Tribecca is along Sucat road..

  8. anshulrautela on said:

    yes, there is no place like home and I miss it badly as I’m away from home since 1 year and not getting leaves from my job… :(
    Lucky you! God bless…


  9. Viviene on said:

    Aww.. Being away from home is the worst =s I hope you get to have some day offs so you could visit your family back home.. =)

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