17 days before Christmas!

Wow… Christmas is coming real soon! Are you done with all your Christmas shopping? Have you sent your Christmas cards in the mail already?

I recently received a newsletter from Gospel for Asia and I would like to share it with you…

Dear Fellow Christians,

On the average, the Western consumer spends over $500 on Christmas. This year, consider using a portion of this to reach a lost and dying world.

Gospel for Asia is committed to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with lost men, women and children throughout Asia and fully dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished souls (literacy programs, medical care, etc).

This Christmas, you may consider giving to missionaries, to the poor, outreach (Bibles, gospel tracts, etc) and gifts from the stable (chickens, goats, etc that can provide income for the poor families). Just click on the links if you have decided to bless the less fortunate this Christmas season. =)

And speaking of gifts… I consider getting a free audiobook a REAL GIFT! As I was searching some audiobooks, I found a website that gives away free audiobook every month! Thanks to Christian Audio!

Before November ended, I was able to download The Heavenly Man. This month, they are giving away “From Pearl Harbor to Calvary“.

Go ahead and help yourself!

Merry Christmas from me to you!

PS: Thanks for all your help with my questions about self-hosted wordpress and blog design. I appreciate it! Really!


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7 Responses to 17 days before Christmas!

  1. HonorMommy says:

    Thank you for all the links! We received a World Vision catalog a while back and I was looking for another good group to donate to. We are giving each of our children $25 to buy out of one of these catalogs to give Christmas presents to someone else this year. These links are perfect! Thanks!!!

  2. ElizOF says:

    Great picture and you look so happy… I can’t believe the year is ending soon. WoW! Glad we reconnected as bloggers too. TY for your patience as I have been adjusting to a changed schedule in my life … Glad to comment again. :-)

  3. cocomino says:

    Merry early Christmas! I learned that a lot of people enjoyed it all the world. :)

  4. ristinw says:

    Merry Christmas to you and to your family! :D

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